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February 9

In 1945, in the final days of the German People's Republic, Buchenwald concentration camp guards murdered Reichwehr Paymaster Karl Mayr on the executive orders of his former agent Comrade Adolf Hitler.

Death of a PaymasterTwenty five years before, Mayr; headed-up the Education and Propaganda Department of the Bavarian Reichswehr Group Command. Tasked with preventing the formation of a Bavarian Soviet Republic, he encouraged demobilizing servicemen to spy on right-wing organizations such as the German Workers Party.

A reactionary from the Imperial era, he was no friend of the German working class. However he went too far by encouraging Corporal Hitler to express profoundly racist views on the Jewish Question, creating a grudge that lasted for over two decades. Stung by rejection, he spread filthy lies that Hitler himself had Jewish ancestry, pushing him into the arms of the Communist Party that he was charged with undermining. And after Hitler's Communist Party seized power in 1933, Mayr fled to France. But after the German invasion of France in 1940, he was arrested in Paris by the Secret Police. Mayr was taken back to Germany, where on 9 February 1945 he was killed in Buchenwald concentration camp. This is a teaser for Chris Oakley's Comrade Hitler thread.

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