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July 6

In 1957, on the way to the St. Peter's Church Rose Queen garden fete in Woolton, Liverpool, the flatbed lorry carrying the Quarrymen skiffle group breaks down.

Big Breakthrough in WooltonAfter changing the name from the Blackjacks twelve months earlier, they had been playing at parties, school dances, cinemas and amateur skiffle contests. The line-up comprised John Lennon and several friends from Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool.

His mother, Julia Lennon, had taught her son to play the banjo and then showed Lennon and Eric Griffiths how to tune their guitars in a similar way to the banjo, and taught them simple chords and songs. Despite the lorry's breakdown John had a good feeling about that fateful day, and he wasn't to be disappointed. Because as they waited to hitch a ride back to Liverpool, he came up with a nifty set of chords. Griffiths then started to hum some catchy lyrics. It was the beginning of a breakthrough that the band desperately needed. They never looked back, and this minor transportation difficulty turned out to be the making of them. Because The Quarrymen had played their final small-time gig.

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