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November 13

In 1642, on this fateful day a Parliamentarian army under the command of the Earl of Essex was defeated by a smaller Royalist force at the Battle of Turnham Green.

Stunning Royalist Victory at Turnham GreenAfter the Battle of Edgehill King Charles had captured Banbury and was greeted by cheering crowds as he arrived in Oxford. His nephew and cavalry commander, Prince Rupert of the Rhine, then swept down the Thames Valley, capturing Abingdon, Aylesbury and Maidenhead, from where he captured Windsor [1].

With the last remaining defending force defeated, the Royalist army's unstoppable march to London had opened the gates to the city and the Parliamentarians were staring defeat in the face. But the reaction from Londoners was fierce. Although the twelve thousand man Royalist army was short of ammunition and by normal standards too small to attack the 24,000 strong Parliamentarian army, the King had ignored advice that to engage such an oddly assorted army containing what was obviously a large contingent of armed civilians (namely the Trained Bands under Philip Skippon) would provoke a massive reaction from the populace. And so it proved.

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