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August 25

In 410 AD, on this fateful day, rebellious slaves were prevented from opening the Salarian Gate to let in Chieftain Alaric's Visigoth army camped outside the imperial city.

Visigoths turned away from the gates of RomeThe city was now fully roused to the licentious fury of the tribes of Germany and Scythia. They mobilized around the leadership of former Emperor's half-sister Galla Placidia. With the Roman Senate unable to pay the besieging army to go away, and the authorities in Ravenna still unwilling to grant land to the Visigoths, they took matters into their own hands. And made a desperate last stand that brought pride and honor to the eleven hundred and sixty-three year of the city. During the struggle Alaric fell ill and died; his brother Athaulf retreated to south-west France and established his own Kingdom.

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