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December 25

In 1985, ruinous years of drug and alcohol abuse caused thirty-six year old Irish folk singer Phil Lynott to collapse at his home in Kew on Christmas Day. Listen to Whiskey in the Jar on YouTube

The Juice of the BarleyHis unresponsive body was rushed to Salisbury Infirmary where doctors and family members feared for his life. He remained unconscious for almost ten days.

Then a mysterious bare-foot stranger visited him on the 4th January. He awoke from his coma and conversed in his customary low voice that was inaudible to the medical staff. Their own record was simply a note in the visitors log, under the somewhat odd name of Captain Farrell [1].

By 12th January, he was sufficiently recovered to be released from Hospital. Instead of relapsing into his former destructive ways, he set out in a new direction serving alongside his fellow Irishman Bob Geldorf as an Ambassador for "Live Aid", a do-gooder Rapparee. And six months later he returned to music to play a signature role alongside van Morrison and former Thin Lizzy bandsmen Gary Moore in the "Save the World" concert at Wembley Stadium. This included a heart felt appeal to give the starving masses of Africa the second chance that Jesus had given him; inevitably the emotional and spiritual effect was electric. Because something had been missing in this harsh world, but finally it was fulfilled. [2]

Afterwards he traveled the continent working with community groups and challenging political leaders to build infrastructure and fight poverty. An incomparable humanitarian spokesman, he died in Rwanda in 1994, praising the Lord every remaining day of his life.

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