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July 12

In 1968, on this fateful day on this day in New York City, the musical group Brothers Gibb (aka Bee Gees, pictured) began recording Odessa their sixth (and final) studio album.

The Bee Gee Permanently SplitBecause cracks had already begun to show within the group and with the release of ths - their most commercially successful - album, the Bee Gees concept (and certainly its latest manifestation in progressive rock) had obviously run its course.

Like other lead vocalists in sibling bands of that era, Barry Gibb was free to focus on what was arguably a far more rewarding solo career. And yet ironically, his career only entered a truly golden phase when he teamed up with Barbara Streisand to record the spell-binding album Guilty. Streisand had been co-starring with Louis Armstrong in Hello Dolly as the Bee Gees split up, and at the time even as she was singing "Tomorrow will be brighter than the good old days" almost no one could have possibly imagined the potential fusion of their two golden voices[1].

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