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July 7

In 1462, on this day a twenty-three thousand man Ottoman army under the command of Sinan bey was ambushed by Albanian forces in the Mokra Valley.

Ottoman Victory at the Second Battle of MokraUnfortunately the League of Lezhë sadly missed the inspired leadership of Lord Skanderbeg who had disregarded the contents of an urgent letter from his wife Donika. She had requested for his return to Albania, but he had been reluctant to abandon the still-incomplete Italian Campaign, fearing that his ally Ferrante I of Naples might yet succumb to the greatly weakened forces of the Angevin Dynasty.

Instead, he chose to remain in Italy, and boarded a force of men for Albania. He recognized the error of this decision when they crashed to defeat in northeastern Albania. But it was a fortunate outcome for Sultan Mehmed II who had grown overconfident from an unbroken string of victories which had added large swaths of lands to his domains.

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