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October 27

In 1964, on this day John V. Lindsay [1] delivered a speech on behalf of Republican candidate for president, Barry Goldwater. It was part of a pre-recorded television program, Rendezvous with Destiny and in his autobiography Lindsay recalled going to bed that night "hoping [that] I hadn't let Barry down".
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A Time of Choosing
An article by Ed & Chris Oakley
The New York Mayor had risen to national prominence as a result of his well-regarded handling of the Jamaica Bay Hurricane Disaster. Drawing upon this experience, he delivered a stirring monologue on the irrepressible courage of the American people. Inevitably, the audience were more impressed by his leadership ability that his warm endorsement of the Candidate.

This opportunity was presented by Republican National Committee Chairman Dean Burch. The nominee Barry Goldwater was a fellow Arizonan who was less than wildly enthusiastic about the choice of a Liberal Republican, but his weak poll ratings suggested that Lindsay's popularity might give the ticket a welcome electoral boost. But it was hopeless and two weeks later, Goldwater was comprehensively beaten at the general election. And because Lindsay had not let down Goldwater that night, many Republicans took the opportunity to press him to run in '68. This speculative idea had been proposed by Time Magazine three years before, but now Lindsay began to realize that the path from Gracie Mansion To Pennsylvania Avenue really was wide open to him.
This post is an article from the Jamaica Bay thread developed by Chris Oakley.

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