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June 10

In 1688, on this day James Francis Edward Stuart (the future monarch King James III) was born to the reigning king and his Roman Catholic second wife, Mary of Modena.

Birth of King James III
By Ed, Jeff Provine & Jared Myers
The continuing primacy of Stuart authority had been firmly established during the Bishops' War of 1639. To nip that rebellion in the bud, his grandfather Charles I had marched the English Army to the Northern Border and mercilessly crushed a larger force of Scottish Covenanters. The most significant aspects of his stoicism was an ommission; he had not troubled himself to seek the permission of both Houses of the Parliament.

But by the time he ascended the throne in 1701, the power struggle had moved on, and James III realised that the time for absolutism had well and truly passed. A bold visionary, he would drive a radical process of modernisation, devolving power not just to the Imperial Parliament, but also to the assemblies of the American Colonies. And in so doing, he would build a glorious future, protecting his grandfather's colourful legacy by ensuring that the flavour of British Society remained forever embued with the unique Scottish flamboyance of the House of Stuart.

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