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August 20

In 1916, on this fateful day GOP Governor Hiram Johnson offered his full support to Presidential Nominee Charles Evans Hughes.
A variant installment to Mike Stone's Mr Hughes Goes to War thread.

Mr Hughes Goes to War: Part 3 based on an idea by Mike StoneDuring Hughes State visit in July, Johnson had been fully occupied with his Senatorial race. But when he swung through the state a month later, a meeting could have easily have been scheduled. Yet it wasn't, and the two men only sat down because of a curious accident - they were both staying in the Virginia Hotel in Long Beach at the same time.

In these more intimate settings, it was possible for the two politicians to informally settle their differences, and as a result Hughes received a major boost to his campaign. The true significance of that support was not fully recognized until November, when he carried the state by less than one thousand votes [1]. As a result, Woodrow Wilson narrowly failed in his attempt to become the first Democrat to win a second consecutive term since Andrew Jackson. And his campaign promise to keep America out of the war had been eliminated by a chance meeting in a Californian hotel [2].

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