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November 9

In 1960, on this day Robert McNamara was named president of Ford Motor Co., the first non-Ford to serve in that post.

The Best and the BrightestA month later, he turned down an opportunity to join the newly-elected John F. Kennedy administration. And eight years later, he introduced the Kennedy Continental, the re-branded 1969 model personal luxury car.

The rebadging decision had been discussed at the highest levels of management at Ford's Corporate Headquarters in Dearborn ever since President John F. Kennedy had been shot dead inside a customised Lincoln 4-door convertible.

The Secret Service had code named the vehicle "SS-100-X" after the Hess & Eisenhart company of Cincinnati, Ohio adapted a 1961 model, later updating the limousine with the grille/headlight/bumper assembly from the 1962 Lincoln. After the assassination, the limousine was repaired and retrofitted with full armor and a fixed roof, subsequently continuing in service for the White House for many years before being put on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

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