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January 10

It is 2013, and America has indeed fallen over the fiscal cliff...to the point where the government has failed to raise the debt limit or pass a budget. Now it is in complete default, to the point at which there is no longer any money to pay the Armed Forces.

Lord Protector ObamaNaturally, the Army is close to mutiny...until their generals solve the problem by invading both the House and Senate at the same time. Paraphrasing the immortal words of the famed Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, the leading general steps up to the Congressional podium and announces, "Out on you, you are no Congress". When the president is notified, he rushes there, too. In his most eloquent and persuasive tones, he tells the generals that he supports them completely as their commander in chief. Knowing that the alternative might be their trial for high treason, they acclaim him as their leader.

Thanks to an emergency tax, the soldiers are paid...and the government's other beneficiaries soon share the wealth provided by the new military administration.

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