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February 4

In 1915, with Great Britain characteristically violating recognised treaty agreements upon the high seas and generally acting with impunity in direct contravention of international law, the Kaiser's Government retaliated by declaring the English Channel to be a war zone.

Liable to DestructionBecause First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill (pictured) had issued instructions to the Royal Navy to mine the North Sea and also impose a "right of search" upon merchant ships carrying cargo to German Ports. Not only was Churchill seeking to starve the Central Powers into submission, he was also intent upon embroiling the United States in a war with Germany.

Recognising this danger, his counterpart the US Secretary of the Navy William Jennings Bryan issued an alert that British vessels were "liable to destruction", cautioning American civilians sailing into the war zone that they were travelling "on ships of Great Britain and her allies do so at their own risk". The warning was prescient because less than six weeks later, German submarine captain Georg-Günther Freiherr von Forstner of the Kaiserliche Marine fired a torpedo from the SM-U28 which sunk a West African steamship, the RMS Falaba.

Intense media scrutiny and public pressure mounted, demanding an American response after the sinking of the Falaba, which was widely and inaccurately reported as nothing short of a massacre of innocent civilians without warning. In fact, one hundred and four people were killed, including one American passenger - Leon Chester Thrasher, a 31-year-old mining engineer from Massachusetts.

Despite the cynical British attempts to maximise the impact of their propoganda, an investigation by the US Government soon determined that the German captain had given the Falaba three warnings, and only opened fire when a British warship appeared on the horizon. The Chief Magistrate John Bassett Moore would later note in his diary that "what most decisively risked the involvement of the United States in the recent war would have been the assertion of a right to protect belligerent ships on which Americans saw fit to travel and the treatment of armed belligerent merchantmen as peaceful vessels. Both assumptions were contrary to reason, and no other neutral advanced them".

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It is Sept. 18, 2014 and the long-awaited referendum on Scottish independence has finally taken place..along with the restoration of the Stuart dynasty.Happy Endings "Part 23": Scotland votes for a Stuart RestorationIn 1806 Aaron Burr is accused of conspiring to steal Louisiana Purchase lands away from the United States and crown himself a king or emperor in a new country, or to declare an illegal war against Spanish possessions in Mexico for the same purpose. Aaron Burr is accused of the "Louisiana Theft"In 1919 the American Legion was founded. The patriotic organization would play a crucial role in the so-called "Red Scare" of 1919-20, operating as a quasi-official arm of the U.S. government with the approval of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer and conducting raids, often violent in nature, against suspected "subversive" individuals and groups.The "American Legion" seizes control.
In 1920 a little after noon, while crowds of businessmen were leaving their offices for lunch all along Wall Street, an unassuming horse and wagon exploded just outside the Morgan Building. Later analysis proved the bomb to be set with a timer and loaded with iron weights as shrapnel. Thirty-eight people were killed and hundreds more injured. "Bomb Blast" in New York Sparks War on Terror In 1938 the day after Sudetenland Germans broke off relations with Czechoslovakia, Germanys Chancellor Adolph Hitler gave yet another rousing speech about the importance of self-determination. Citing American President Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points, Hitler and others such as Sudeten German leader Konrad Henlein made clear that the borders of Germany were not what they should be. Hitler had set the ultimatum of October 1 as the hand-over of the Sudetenland, which was demographically German, to Germany, and it looked as if the rest of Europe were going to agree. Hitler's Demands for the "Sudetenland" Spark Demographic Study Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev the third, fifth and last President of the Russian Federation was born on 14 September 1965 in Leningrad, in the former Soviet Union (the word medved means "bear" in Russian and the surname "Medvedev" is a patronymic which means "of the bears").Summer 2015 - Ukrainian Anarchy sweeps across the border, "Part 2"
In 1914 in a secret meeting in Washington, D.C., Sir Roger Casement, an Irishman and former British diplomat, met with Franz von Papen, a German military attaché, to discuss the possibility of aid in an Irish rebellion against British rule. At a secret meeting in Washington, Imperial Germany agrees to aid "Irish Independence"Ukrainian insurgents launched a refresh wave of cross-borders attacks on Western Russian Cities.Summer 2015 - "Ukrainian Anarchy" crosses the border into Russian FederationPresident Obamas prospects of winning a second term were wrecked by a huge scandal that hit home to white working swing voters and prevented him from launching a major immigration policy initiative that would have kicked the GOPs legs from under them.June 1st, 2012 - "Wheels" begin to fall off the Obama Campaign

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