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feature items. items have been published since the last newsletter was sent out and are re-publications. For ease of browsing, drilldowns are available on both Era and Author. Mainstream and/or opinion pieces are labelled Non-AH Content.

World War 1

A Chacun Son Boche: "Part 15" Chris Oakley New Model Fleet wins the "Battle of Jutland" Dirk Puehl Birth of "Jackie Fisher", Redux Eric Oppen
19th January, 1916 - "John Kipling" found alive Steve Payne Dutch Courage "Part 8" Steve Payne "Zimmermann Telegram" received in Mexico City Jeff Provine
A Chacun Son Boche: "Part 13" Chris Oakley "Zimmermann" Sends Telegram to the United States Jeff Provine A Knight in Rusty Armour: "TR" at Versailles Steve Payne
Central Powers Victorious "Part 3": Recalled Hindenburg heads East Richard Roper "Gallipoli Campaign" Ends with Occupation of Istanbul Jeff Provine April 2nd, 1917 - Death of the Professor "Woodrow Wilson" Steve Payne

Serbian-born inventor of the "peace ray" Nichola Tesla passes away Jeff Provine Central Powers Victorious "Part 2": Max Hoffman heads west Steve Payne Central Powers Victorious "Part 1": Chancellor von Hertling passes away Steve Payne
3rd January, 1914 - birth of First Lady "Sarah Mayfield Reagan" Robbie Taylor 30th December, 1916 - Coronation of Emperor "Franz II" of Austria Scott Palter What If "Josef Stalin" Had Died Before The October Revolution? Rooksmoor
Open Covenants, Openly Arrived At: "Woodrow Wilson" survives Steve Payne December 28, 1856 - birth of one-term President "Woodrow Wilson" Steve Payne "Woodrow Wilson" has his grand vision of the multi-national European state Steve Payne
Second "Christmas Truce" Takes Hold Jeff Provine Versailles Treaty signed in "Flu Masks" Steve Payne "Australia" Says No to World War I David Atwell

US "Temperance Amendment" makes Intoxication a Federal Crime Jeff Provine Happy Endings Part "11": Rasputin Rescues the Romanovs Jackie Rose "Smuts" enters Constantinople Steve Payne
Dutch Courage "Part 5" Steve Payne William Jennings Bryan boards the "Peace Ship" Eric Lipps 4 December 1865 - birth of Nurse "Edith Cavell" Robbie Taylor
Lenin intercepted on "Finlyandsky Rail" Steve Payne President "Wilson" dies Allen W. McDonnell Last Chance for Peace: "Part 4" Steven Fisher
Oberost killed in "the Tragedy in Kovno" Steve Payne Death of Kaiser "Franz Josef" Emperor of the Germans Steve Payne A Chacun Son Boche: "Part 12" Chris Oakley

Last Chance for Peace: "Part 3" Steven Fisher "Willie McBride" executed during Christmas Truce Steve Payne Last Chance for Peace: "Part 2" Steven Fisher
"Kurdistan" gains her independence.. sort of Steve Payne "Percival Lowell" recovers from his stroke to accelerate development of space flight Jeff Provine "Percival Lowell" regains reason to live Jeff Provine
"Treaty of Prague" finally ends the war to end wars Robbie Taylor Last Chance for Peace: "Part 1" Steven Fisher Speak softly and carry a "big stick"; you will go far Steve Payne
"Spanish Flu" hits four years early Steve Payne "JRR Tolkien" hallucinates in the trenches Jeff Provine Pacificism is celebrated in "Lest We Forget" Steve Payne

Mr Hughes Goes to War: "Part 3" Steve Payne Chosen Few: "Part 3" Chris Oakley Chosen Few: "Part 2" Chris Oakley
Chosen Few: "Part 1" Chris Oakley 1918 - British "Reconquest" of America Jeff Provine 1918 - German "Occupation" of former United States Jeff Provine
Good Old Willie "Part 7" Steve Payne World-wide revolution in "Bunch of Reds" Robbie Taylor 26th, October 1918 - "Ludendorff" dismissed by the Kaiser Steve Payne
Hitler is discharged from "the Paswalk Hospital" Steve Payne Alternate bio for "Yitzhak Shamir" Steve Payne 15 October 1918 - Corporal "Hitler"'s War ends early Steve Payne

October 15th, 1917 - Maria de Victorica saves "Mata Hari" Steve Payne Chosen Few: "Part 4" Chris Oakley October 12th, 1915 - Sidney Reilly saves "Edith Cavell" Steve Payne
A New "Chinese Dynasty" in 1916 John Reilly 26th September, 1915 - Triumph of the "Cilicia Landings" Steve Payne 29th September, 1915 - Tragedy strikes "future King Edward VIII" in Flanders Steve Payne
Race to the Gates of "Constantinople" Steve Payne Austrian Hitler Part 1 - "Adolf Hitler" reluctantly joins the Austro-Hungarian Army Steve Payne 9th September, 1917 - Breakthrough on Western Front, No Passchendaele, earlier Cambrai instead Steve Payne
Pyrrhic German Victory on "the Marne" Jeff Provine 29th August, 1914 - July 1914 World Crisis "restarted" Steve Payne "July Crisis" settled in the Hague Steve Payne

"Churchill" sketches out his great comeback Steve Payne Commanding Genius of General Michel's "Plan XVI" Belisarius What If the Kaiser didn't invade "Belgium " in 1914? Gerry Fitt
Imperial German Army issues a last minute "stand-down" order Jackie Speel "Lichnowsky"'s misunderstanding stops a terrible war Steve Payne Could "Rasputin" Have Prevented the First World War? David Clark
Rise of the GZR: "Breakthrough in London" Steve Payne On the Trail of the "Black Hand Gang" Steve Payne Churchill's Triumph of the "Golden Horn" Steve Payne
The Magnificent Catholic Empire of "Gran Colombia" Willem Peglau July 23rd, 1914 - the "Brexit" of 1914 Steve Payne Lenin orders the Betrothals at "Ekateringburg" Jacquelyn Friedlander

July 15, 1948 - passing of President "Pershing" Steve Payne British Secret Service assassinate "Stalin" Steve Payne "Pedersen Springfield" rifles change the course of an extended Great War Allen W. McDonnell
President Pershing forges a "Permanent Peace in Europe" Steve Payne "Flower of Freedom" blooms from grave of Serbia Robbie Taylor The "Irish Revolution" of 1916 Steve Payne
A "Hapsburg" Happy Ending Jackie Rose "Lafayette", we are here! Zach Timmons Birth of Earl "Kitchener" Steve Payne
Greeks ally with Central Powers after sudden death of "PM Venizelos" Steve Payne June 21, 1916: "Battle of Carrizal" Sparks Second Mexican-American War Jeff Provine Pancho Villa wins the "Battle of Carrizal" Robbie Taylor

Close call in "Sarajevo" Jackie Rose Operation Unicorn "Part 59": A House Divided Once Again? Tom B "Operation Unicorn" "Part 60": General Headquarters Tom B
Provisional Government of Germany decides to "fight on" Steve Payne June 12th, 1917: "King Constantine" of Greece Approves Declaration of War Against US Jeff Provine William Jennings Bryan takes a "Principled Stand" Robbie Taylor
Royal Navy sinks the "Lusitania" Steve Payne Invasion 1915: "The German Invasion of Great Britain" David Atwell Lt-Gen "Harry Chauvel": A straight-talking Australian General enters Damascus Steve Payne
"Thompson 1915" Allen W. McDonnell The "Continuation War" of 1918-1919 and its consequences Stan Brin 16th May, 1916: "Sykes-Picot" Agreement Steve Payne

Sinking of "RMS Lusitania": Roosevelt proven right Jeff Provine A Chacun Son Boche: "Part 14" Chris Oakley Canada is "railroaded" into the Union: Part 3 Steve Payne
Operation Unicorn "Part 64" Tom Bornholdt "ANZAC Day", April 25, 1915 Matt Dattillo Non-AH Content April 25, 1916 - "Gallipoli Campaign" Ends with Occupation of Istanbul Jeff Provine
"Gallipoli 1915": A Campaign Which Would Change A War David Atwell April 19, 1916 - "Neiu Nederlanders" back Americans Jeff Provine April 19, 1916 - "Neiu Nederlanders" back Americans Jeff Provine
Happy Endings "Part 46": The Imperial Happy Ending Jackie Rose Operation Unicorn: "Part 61" Tom B Operation Unicorn: "Part 62" Tom B

KKK Leader "D.C. Stephenson" elected to Congress Steve Payne Mr Hughes Goes to War: "Prequel" Steve Payne Mr Hughes Goes to War: "Part 1" Mike Stone
Mr Hughes Goes to War: "Part 2" Mike Stone "April 6, 1917" - World War Expands to US, Mexico, and Sweden Jeff Provine Pitiless Fate: "Part 5" The Dresden Mutiny, 1917 Chris Oakley
Retcollinsed: what if "Michael Collins" could return to the Easter rising? Ruairi James Heekin Triumphant Bluff in the "Dardanelles" Steve Payne Operation Unicorn "Part 63" Tom Bornholdt
President Champ Clark vs "Pancho Villa" The Centaur of the North Steve Payne Birth of "Champ Clark" the statesman from Pike County Steve Payne

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