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feature items. items have been published since the last newsletter was sent out and are re-publications. For ease of browsing, drilldowns are available on both Era and Author. Mainstream and/or opinion pieces are labelled Non-AH Content.

Post Coldwar

"OS/2 Warp" seizes the enterprise market Steve Payne President "William King" dies just 45 days in office. Steve Payne The sad, single term presidency of "Bill Douglas". Steve Payne
In "Virgle Project" Virgin and Google plan colonized Mars Steve Payne Sad Passing of "Wedgie Benn" David Tenner Birth of President "John Caldwell Calhoun" Steve Payne
Happy Endings "53": Atta cancels attack Jackie Rose "Thomas Jefferson" abolishes slavery Steve Payne Another accident ends "the Accidency" of President Tyler Steve Payne
"World Trade Center" Bombing Brings Down Towers Jeff Provine Americans repeal the "Twelfth Amendment" Steve Payne Lady "Jane Grey" holds onto throne, crowned Queen Jeff Provine

Happy Endings "Part 49": Duel Citizens Jackie Rose Benjamin Franklin duel over anti-British comments in "Imaginary Speech" Steve Payne Winter Dance Party Tour "Nearly Crashes" Steve Payne
President "Woodrow Wilson" severs diplomatic relations with Great Britain Eric Lipps A "brief letter" from the future to the United States Michael Webb Grant extends "Indian Reservation deadline" Steve Payne
Richard Lawrence assassinates "Old Hickory" Steve Payne President "Andrew Jackson" Assassinated Steve Payne The "right to preach" freely is discredited during the Reformation Steve Payne
Henry Bigler and Azariah Smith kill "James W. Marshall" Steve Payne Suspension of Pope "Eugene IV" Takes Hold Steve Payne Young "Henry VIII" Dies Jousting Jeff Provine

Benjamin Franklin Named "President of Congress" Assembled Steve Payne "Jony Ive", CEO of Apple Steve Payne President "Alexander Hamilton" born on the American State of Antigua. Steve Payne
The premature death of "Stephen III" prompts an Ottoman Victory Steve Payne "Paul Wellstone" joins Black Caucus to object Florida Vote Robbie Taylor Full-Court Press: "Part 28" Chris Oakley
President "Woodrow Wilson" tries to take the Confederacy into League of Nations. Steve Payne "Macau" - asian tiger Steve Payne "Canal Sabotage" as Panama Invasion Commences Jeff Provine
US Government lease Far Eastern "Kamchatka Peninsula" from Soviets, 1920 Andrew Beane Passing of President "Inouye" Steve Payne "Bill Clinton"'s ill-fated race for the White House Eric Lipps

"Bill Bradley" the best President we never had Eric Lipps "Sam Nunn"'s Rough and Tumble Two-Term Presidency Eric Lipps Debut of the "IBM Simon" Steve Payne
"DoJ" initiates United States v. Microsoft Corp Steve Payne Birth of Longtime Alaska Senator and Vice-President "Ted Stevens" Eric Lipps "Australian Republic" 1999 Steve Payne
Happy Ending "40" Carolyn Perot's White House Wedding Steve Payne Senator "Jack Carter" (D-NV) Part 1 Steve Payne Senator "Jack Carter" (D-NV) Part 2 Steve Payne
Governor Clinton's bid for "Madam President" Steve Payne Mysterious death of WW2 Polish "General Sikorski" - solved Steve Payne Passage of the "Charlottetown Accord" Steve Payne

"Sega" Enterprises Ltd. v. Accolade, Inc. Steve Payne "Simpson" Trial Verdict Robbie Taylor Happy Endings "Part 33": the USG Shutdown Jackie Rose
The Impeachment of "Barack Obama" Steve Payne Sarah Palin gives her ground-breaking "Vice Presidential" Concession Speech Steve Payne Birth of Tasmanian President "Bethune" Steve Payne
Apple Buys Be Inc. "Part 3" Steve Payne Amendment XXVIII solves "divided Government" Steve Payne "Columbus Day" Tragedy in Castro's Florida Steve Payne
Passing of Vice President "Ted Stevens" Eric Lipps "James M. Stewart" International Airport Steve Payne Black Hawk Up: "Part 6" Chris Oakley

43rd President of the United States "Newt Gingrich" Steve Payne Birth of President "John Edwards" Steve Payne "John and Woz" change the world Steve Payne
Birth of Visionary Tech Guru "Abdulfattah John Jandali-Schieble, Jr." OTL Steve Jobs Steve Payne Soldiers Join "Tiananmen Square" Protest Jeff Provine Apple Buys Be Inc. "Part 2" Steve Payne
The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 9" Chris Oakley Birth of "Madeleine Korbelová Albright" Sec State 1997-2002 Steve Payne Quiet Desperation: "Part 4" The New Zealand Floods Of 2053 Chris Oakley
The Opportunity to Serve: "John Smith" lives Steve Payne Happy Endings "Part 23": Scotland votes for a Stuart Restoration Jackie Rose The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 8" Chris Oakley

Birth of Mayor "Richard M. Daley" Steve Payne The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 7" Chris Oakley The "Straw" that broke the Camel's back Chris Oakley
Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell "Part 4" Chris Oakley The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 6" Chris Oakley Immigration: A Perspective from "Washington State" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
The Rise of President "Benajamin Nathaniel" Steve Payne POTUS "Benajamin Nathaniel" comes to Israel Steve Payne The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 5" Chris Oakley
Quiet Desperation: "Part 3" The New Zealand Floods Of 2053 Chris Oakley Crisis of the "116th Cardinal" Steve Payne Obituary of "Chavismo": The Myth of Socialist Venezuela Andrew Beane Non-AH Content

The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 4" Chris Oakley Full-Court Press: "Part 27" Chris Oakley The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 3" Chris Oakley
President Romney sworn-in at "Las Vegas" Jackie Speel Birth of President "Tsongas" Steve Payne Quiet Desperation: "Part 2" The New Zealand Floods Of 2053 Chris Oakley
The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 2" Chris Oakley "Jerusalem" : the Happiest City on Earth Jackie Rose "Mona Lisa" Causes Uproar Among Christos Jeff Provine
"Bush" Vetoes Bailout Jeff Provine "Bomb Blast" in New York Sparks War on Terror Jeff Provine "9/11" Terrorist Attacks Jeff Provine

"New Delhi Gang Rape" Sheds Light on Culture of Sexual Violence Andrew Beane Non-AH Content The Eruption of Mount Rainier: "Part 1" Chris Oakley President-elect "Nader" Assassinated Robbie Taylor
President-elect's "Tax Havens" on G8 Agenda Steve Payne "Malala Yousafzai": Voice of the Christian Worker's Person of the Year Andrew Beane Non-AH Content After the Fiscal Cliff - "Lord Protector Obama" Jackie Rose
Did "Australia"'s Gun Control Plan Work? Andrew Beane Non-AH Content The "North Korea" Problem Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Bill O'Reilly declares "War on Hanukkah" Jackie Rose
"Land of the Chosen": The Difference Between Spiritual and Political Israel Andrew Beane Non-AH Content The "Legacy" of US President John F. Kerry Steve Payne President Romney activates "X-37B US military space planes" Steve Payne

Otto von Habsburg recovers the "Florentine Diamond" Jackie Speel GOP replaces "fickle voters" in the Electoral College Steve Payne Why the West Wants "Syria" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
Osama Bin Laded freed by "Benghazi Attack" Steve Payne Quiet Desperation: "Part 1" The New Zealand Floods Of 2053 Chris Oakley Baseball Commissioner "George W. Bush" Steve Payne
US Ambassador to Venezuela "Mitt Romney" Steve Payne Ambassador "Obama", Reboot Steve Payne China lands the first man on "the Moon" Steve Payne
Outgoing President Obama meets "President-elect Romney" for lunch Steve Payne Full-Court Press: "Part 26" Chris Oakley Birth of Vice President "Tim Pawlenty" Steve Payne

Conspiracy Theory with "Jesse Ventura" Steve Payne "Romney Group" formed on donor conference call Steve Payne Embedded Journalist: "Part 2" Steve Payne
Republican Party's U-turn on "Immigration" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content President Boehner sworn in after "Tragedy on East Randolph Street" Steve Payne Comrade President thanks staff for ensuring "America Chooses Socialism" Steve Payne
Mysterious death of "Embedded Journalist" Paula Broadwell Steve Payne Divided Red and Blue States Separate into a "Radcliffe Cloud" Steve Payne Post Partisan "President Mittens" in by a Whisker Steve Payne
Hurricane Sandy makes landfall at "New York Harbor" Steve Payne Deadlocked Election prevents America going over Fiscal Cliff: "Part 4" Steve Payne "No More Amateurs" Amendment Steve Payne

For Your Consideration, On "Election Day" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Black Hawk Up: "Part 5" Chris Oakley Deadlocked Election prevents America going over Fiscal Cliff: "Part 3" Steve Payne
Deadlocked Election prevents America going over Fiscal Cliff: "Part 2" Steve Payne Deadlocked Election prevents America going over Fiscal Cliff: "Part 1" Steve Payne First ever "First Ladies Debate" Steve Payne
Bill Clinton "Upstaged" by Ted K at 2012 DNC Steve Payne Friends of "Judy Garland" Jackie Rose Release of the Olivetti "Envision" Steve Payne
Aptitude Test: "Part 9" Chris Oakley Obama and Boehner strike the "Grand Bargain" Steve Payne Full-Court Press: "Part 25" Chris Oakley

O Untimely Death: "Part 10" Chris Oakley The "Argus Mark VI" Holographic Projection Unit Owner's Manual Chris Oakley Theological Reflections of "Mars Rover Mission" Steve Payne Non-AH Content
Death of Congressman "Gore Vidal" Steve Payne The "Christian Right" and American Policy Andrew Beane Non-AH Content The "Morality" of Gun Ownership Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
Apple Inc. win the "Galaxy Tab" Case Steve Payne Gun "(Out Of)" Control Andrew Beane Non-AH Content NeXTSTEP and Pixar release "Iron Man CG" Steve Payne
What Happens When We "Die"? Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Full-Court Press: "Part 24" Chris Oakley Aux Etoiles! "The Teaser" Steve Payne

A Brief History of the Religion of "Mitt Romney" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Launch of the "iPAD Mini" Steve Payne "Sick World": Comparing Healthcare Systems From All Over the World Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
Happy Endings: "Part 1" Diana & Dodi Marry Steve Payne "al-Assad" assassinated in a Bin Laden-style dawn strike Steve Payne Selective "Patriotism" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
What I learned about American Conservatism .. "from Gandhi" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content An "Illegal" in a Strange Land Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Sinn Feiners die in "Good Friday Sacrifice" Steve Payne
Our Love for "Celebrity Self-Destruction" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content "Dark Gift" of Immortality Steve Payne "USS Ron Paul" destroyed by Chinese Navy Steve Payne

Why "Affirmative Action" Is Wrong For America Andrew Beane Non-AH Content American Heroes: "Patriot Act" of September 11th, 2001 Steve Payne "Democrats" Good for the Economy? Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell "Part 3" Chris Oakley America's "Friends List" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content "Political Correction" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content
"To Bear the Sword in Vain" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content "Legislating Morality" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content "Yitzhak Rabin" nearly slain Jackie Rose
And the Oscars could have gone to.." "Part 4" Chris Oakley "Climate": The War Over Reality Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Taxpayer March on "Washington" goes crazy Steve Payne

Bin Laden Death Secures "Obama Reelection" Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Land of the Chosen: The Difference Between "Spiritual and Political" Israel Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Whitney Houston is murdered in "Suite 434" Steve Payne
"One Nation" Under Blank Andrew Beane Non-AH Content "Mainstream Politicians" Have Abandoned Immigrants Andrew Beane Non-AH Content Mullah-ed, "Part 2": Rick Santorum drops the bomb for Jesus Steve Payne
Black Hawk Up: "Part 4" Chris Oakley "Republican Party" Destined to Produce a Weak Candidate Andrew Beane Non-AH Content What If "9/11" Had Never Happened? Niall Ferguson
Full-Court Press: "Part 23" Chris Oakley Aptitude Test: "Part 6" Chris Oakley Confederate Governor "Rick Perry" threatens secession Steve Payne

Mexican President "Mitt Romney" Steve Payne Union President "Newt Gingrich" goes over Steve Payne Confederate President "Santorum" comes Down to Earth Steve Payne
O Untimely Death: "Part 9" Chris Oakley Ambassador "Obama" Steve Payne Dubya assassinated in "Freedom Square" Eric Lipps
To the Tampa Bay Convention: "A Very American Coup" Scott Palter Lunar Liberty: "Part 4" Steve Payne Third Russian Revolution: "Part 30" Chris Oakley
Lunar Liberty: "Part 3" Steve Payne Dont Mess with Texas: "Part 2" Steve Payne Lunar Liberty: "Part 2" Steve Payne

Lunar Liberty: "Part 1" Steve Payne "WikiLeaks" blows the ultimate whistle Steve Payne Third Russian Revolution: "Part 29" Chris Oakley
"Herman Cain" stars in "The Doc II" Steve Payne Apple rejects Steve Jobs & buys Be, Inc from "Jean-Louis Gassé" Steve Payne President "Ron Paul" criticized by 9/11 Commission Steve Payne
Dont Mess with Texas: "Part 1" Steve Payne Occupy Apple Campus: "Part 2" Steve Payne "Blue Collar" fightback Steve Payne
Too big to bailout, Britain quits "the Euro" Steve Payne Senator "Benjamin Netanyahu" (D-PA) Steve Payne Occupy Apple Campus: "Part 1" Steve Payne

Black Hawk Up: "Part 1" Chris Oakley Black Hawk Up: "Part 2" Chris Oakley Black Hawk Up: "Part 3" Chris Oakley
Third Russian Revolution: "Part 28" Chris Oakley O Untimely Death: "Part 7" Chris Oakley O Untimely Death: "Part 8" Chris Oakley
Basil al-Assad survives his "1994 Car Crash" Steve Payne The Witch, the Hobbit and the Wardrobe: "Part 2" Steve Payne 2010 "Polish Aircraft" Crash Mystery Steve Payne
Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell "Part 2" Chris Oakley The Witch, the Hobbit and the Wardrobe: "Part 1" Steve Payne America calls time on "Ruinous Generosity" Steve Payne

Gaddifi missing from "Libyan Endgame" Steve Payne And the Oscars could have gone to.." "Part 3" Chris Oakley In Mullah-ed "Israel" is wiped off the map Steve Payne
And the Oscars could have gone to.." "Part 1" Chris Oakley "Steve Jobs" Lives Eric Lipps The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 24" Chris Oakley
"Chinese Professor" to attend US Budget talks Steve Payne And the Oscars could have gone to.. "Part 2" Chris Oakley Third Russian Revolution: "Part 26" Chris Oakley
Third Russian Revolution: "Part 27" Chris Oakley The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 23" Chris Oakley The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 22" Chris Oakley

The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 21" Chris Oakley "Gorby & Yeltsin" sign New Union Treaty Steve Payne Drone aircraft in "Mexican" Drug War Steve Payne
End of the "American Century" Steve Payne President "Sam Walton" receives Medal of Freedom Jen Greenup Sam Waltons successors commit to "Made in U.S.A." Jen Greenup
9/11: Flight 93 crashes into "Fed Reserve" Steve Payne Libertarian watchman Alex Jones fights the "Endgame" Steve Payne The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 26" Chris Oakley
Agent Obama tracked from "Nairobi To Shenzhen" Steve Payne President McCain's "Gaddafi" Gaff Eric Lipps Senator "George W. Bush" to run in 2004 Steve Payne

Fourth Indo-Pakistani War, 1996-98: "Part 7" Chris Oakley Monkey "Mashup" Steve Payne Walking a straight line in a "crooked world" Steve Payne
The Third Russian Revolution: "Part 25" Chris Oakley Ernesto "Che" Guevara dies in 2002. Jeff Provine In "a Stronger America" VP McCain agrees to serve under Kerry Steve Payne
Nuclear Armed Saddam is "Out of the Box" Steve Payne Jellyfish Apocalypse: "Rise of the Jellyfish" Steve Payne Leon Panetta plagued by insidious "Facebook Leaks" Steve Payne
Harrison Ford in "Star Trek: Voyager" Zach Timmons The new President gives his old boss his "marching orders". Steve Payne "Osama Bin Laden" killed in New York by Pakistani Agents Andrew Beane

Justin Assange reveals the ultimate "WikiLeak" Steve Payne Battlefield Alaska: "Khadafy Captured" Chris Oakley Biography: Oscar Benjamin Liddell "Part 1" Chris Oakley
Full-Court Press: "Part 20" Chris Oakley Full-Court Press Part 19: "Oilers in the '98 NBA Finals" Chris Oakley Confederate President "Al Gore" Steve Payne
"Old Fuss & Feathers" laid low by Mexican War Steve Payne The shooting at "Appotomax Court House" Steve Payne President Coolidge makes first nations "an imaginative offer" Steve Payne
British Roswell is a "Cold War" ruse. Steve Payne Aaron Burr pursues his very own "manifest destiny" Steve Payne Jefferson executed by "British Redcoats" at Monticello Steve Payne

The troubles of Confederate President "Robert Toombs" Steve Payne The "Goldsboro B-52 crash" triggers a nuclear detonation Steve Payne Sadat survives a 1981 "assassination" attempt Steve Payne
Nazi King prevents "Churchill" from giving Mr Hitler the Vs Steve Payne A Republican "Grinch" cancels Pissedmass Steve Payne Sons of Liberty ensure "America" is forever blessed Steve Payne
In "Lincoln's choice" the Union lets the South go, in peace (at first). Steve Payne Teddy Roosevelt is forced to cancel his "Imperial Cruise". Steve Payne Queen Lili'uokalani Returns "Hawaii" to Home Rule Steve Payne
Orwellian Britain subverts the true meaning of Dicken's "Christmas Carol" Steve Payne South Carolina secedes alone from its "weaker brothers". Steve Payne thirteen is an unlucky number for the "youngest" Confederate President? Steve Payne

Hollywood Ten exonerated thanks to "Charlie Chaplin". Steve Payne Robert E. Lee continues to serve the "Confederacy" after the Civil War Steve Payne CS President "Jefferson Davis" dies in New Orleans. Steve Payne
America votes for a bridge to the past electing "Bob Dole" in 1996 Steve Payne The shatteringly disappointing truth about "Area 51". Steve Payne After Woodrow Wilson's stroke, "Thomas R. Marshall" enters the White House. Steve Payne
The impeachment of Andrew Johnson puts "Benjamin Wade" into the White House Steve Payne The Allies "Hang the Kaiser" Steve Payne America votes for a textbook Republican "Bob McEwen" in 2000. Steve Payne
"Walter F. Mondale" 41st US President. Steve Payne President "Thomas E. Dewey" wins by a landslide after picking Ike as his running mate. Steve Payne Liz Windor becomes the first "female newsreader" on British Television. Steve Payne

Kennedy approves nuclear action over "Cuba". Steve Payne What if "JFK" had survived Dallas? Steve Payne The Great War begins in "1912" after Serbia refuses to yield in Albania. Steve Payne
Governor William Phips of Massachusetts orders an "Inquisition". Steve Payne The actor "Gregory Peck" is appointed US Ambassador to Ireland. Steve Payne Linda "McMahon" is put on trial for witchcraft Steve Payne
Stephen A. Douglas outfoxes "Abraham Lincoln" with a Northern Strategy. Steve Payne Janis Joplin survives her heroine overdose and "finds Jesus". Steve Payne RFK disagrees with his brothers decision to launch a "sneak attack" on Cuba. Steve Payne
Can Wonder Woman Save Us from a "Muslim Takeover of America" Steve Payne America is forced into an "anti-Communist alliance" with Imperial Japan Steve Payne If the Loyalists Had Won the "Spanish Civil War" Steve Payne

Emilio Mola named "Jefe del Esanto" for Spain Steve Payne Yuan Shikai founds "A New Chinese Dynasty in 1916". Steve Payne Presidency of "John McCain" January 2001/2009 Steve Payne
Bardiya Executes his Treasonous "Persian" Lords Steve Payne Conservative Actor Ronald Reagan is rewarded by President "James M. Stewart". Steve Payne Benedict Arnold Meets Washington for "Breakfast" Steve Payne
Princess Diana gives the Games Village the "Royal Thumbs Up" Steve Payne Kennedy announces his joint US/Soviet mission to the "Moon". Steve Payne Joshua Abraham Norton proclaimed "Emperor" of these United States. Steve Payne
Secret Muslim "Barack Obama" is arrested in Chicago. Steve Payne The career of basketball legend "Mladen G. Sekulovich" Steve Payne Ronald Reagan becomes America's second "Catholic" President. Steve Payne

America sighs with relief after Bob Dole agrees to serve as President "Dan Quayle's" Veep. Steve Payne At a secret meeting in Washington, Imperial Germany agrees to aid "Irish Independence" Steve Payne Hitler's Demands for the "Sudetenland" Spark Demographic Study Steve Payne
Dan "Quayle" is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency Steve Payne Winston Churchill's Boer adventure ends in disgrace and humiliation at "Komati Poort" Steve Payne Part 2 of Chapter of Accidents; how "William Jennings Bryan" returned trom the dead Steve Payne
September 1914 and the "Battle of Paris " begins Steve Payne Part 1 of Chapter of Accidents; how "William Jennings Bryan" returned trom the dead Steve Payne President "McKinley" Dodges Assassin's Bullet Steve Payne
Mao Zedong publishes his "Little Red Book" of verse. Steve Payne President Ford assassinated by "Squeaky" Fromme Steve Payne Funeral of the Georgian painter "Joe Stalin" Steve Payne

Terry Fox completes the two-thirds phase of his incredible "Marathon of Hope". Steve Payne Mongke Khan "recovers" from a long illness Steve Payne Trench Warfare at "Sedan" Begins Steve Payne
Ambassador Adlai Stevenson is killed on a "visit to Dallas" to mark U.N. Day. Steve Payne Leonardo Da Vinci agrees to sculpt "David" Steve Payne A master manipulator ensures that "911" backfires on al-Qaeda. Steve Payne
Captain Cooks tireless efforts are lost because Hawaii becomes a "French Colony" Steve Payne Rudolph Valentino survives a lung inflammation but the damage to his voice affects his prospects of starring in "the Talkies" Steve Payne von Chotitz follows orders and "Paris burns bright red" Steve Payne
Confederate Politicians celebrations victory at "Fort Sumter" Steve Payne Ulysses S. Grant perishes at a "A Night at the Theater" Steve Payne Kubla Khan pulls off the "Mongol Conquest " of Japan at the second attempt. Steve Payne

Dubya's "obituary" after he lost the election in 2000. Steve Payne Bartolomeu de "Gusmão's" balloon fails. Steve Payne Pompey the Great Triumphs at the Battle of "Dyrrhachium" Steve Payne
The "Bull Moose" Teddy Roosevelt wins in 1912 Steve Payne Pilgrim Expedition "Begins on" Schedule Steve Payne Apollo 11 Rocket "Explodes" after Launch Steve Payne
Sir "Thomas More " escapes from the Tower of London Steve Payne Yale beats Harvard in the 1852 "regatta" Steve Payne "Alexander Hamilton" survives the duel at Weehawken. Steve Payne
King "Phillip II" of Macedon defeated at Chaeronea Steve Payne Irish "rebellion" gains momentum into revolution. Steve Payne An unguarded insult from the Swiss General Henri Guisan provokes a "German Invasion". Jeff Provine

Nicholai Tesla renegotiates his "contract" with Westinghouse Steve Payne Socialist Uprising begins in "Minneapolis" in the summer of 1934. Steve Payne "Mary Rose" wins the Battle of the Solent in 1545. Steve Payne
Swedish victory at the "Battle of Poltava" Steve Payne Napoleon's courier reaches Admiral Brueys before Nelson attacks "Aboukir Bay". Steve Payne The "Weimar Republic" reexamined the problem of extremism in the new constitution. Steve Payne
The AD 64 "Fire in Rome" is successfully contained Steve Payne Government of Egypt declares "full-scale" war on Libya in 1977 Steve Payne Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" crash to defeat at San Juan Hill. Steve Payne
Jimmy Hoffa talked his way "out of trouble" at the secret meeting in 1975 Steve Payne "Sir Nelson Mandela" becomes the first indigenous Governor of Cape Colony. Steve Payne Immigration dispute in "Arizona" hots up. Steve Payne

What if "John C. Fremont", not McClellan was named general-in-chief? Steve Payne Unexpected presidency of "Jeff Davis" March 4th 1853-61. Steve Payne King William III Dismisses Idea of a "Bank of England" Steve Payne
"John Kerry" seizes the White House Steve Payne Quentin Tarantino's gory movie "Outlaw" premiers in Britain. Steve Payne Canada sells off "SuperCorp" as the national debt clock ticks away. Steve Payne
World Cup Final: Dutch Footballers wear black-arms bands to "remember Srebenica". Steve Payne "The Few" gather in London for Nazis to celebrate their famous victory in the Battle of Britain. Steve Payne King John loses "grip on power" after the Battle of Sandwich. Steve Payne
The break-away Republic of Quebec confronts the rights of yet another "Distinct Society". Steve Payne A dreadful past is re-opened when an "Old Master" is sold by a London auctioneer. Steve Payne Obituary of the late Robert Byrd the "architect of Bill Clinton's impeachment". Steve Payne

The "Orange Army" celebrate a famous victory for the home team in South Africa. Steve Payne "St John's Parish" secedes from the Province of Georgia, joining South Carolina Steve Payne Protestant Europe crashes to defeat at the carthaginian "Peace of Paris". Steve Payne
The managed out "White House Wimps" are given sanctuary in France. Steve Payne Racist Prime Minister Enoch Powell gets a lesson in "Mutual Respect". Steve Payne Charles de Gaulle is arrested at the BBC before he can deliver his "l'Appel du 18 Juin" speech. Steve Payne
Having clung to power, Gordon Brown finally reaches his "Ceausescu moment". Steve Payne President "Gerry Eldridge" dies in office. Steve Payne Tom Jefferson flees to Revolution France to fight for the "Pursuit of Liberty". Steve Payne
"Natural Born Citizen" Stan McChrystal runs for the White House in 2012. Steve Payne The manifest destiny of "L'Homme du Destin" is terminated by arrest in Bordeaux. Steve Payne Box office smash hit movie of the DC Comics Western Outlaw "Jonah Hex" premieres across North America. Steve Payne

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