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American Revolution

"Colonial Reform" Act of 1844 Eric Lipps "Shays' Rebels" win out Eric Lipps Fighting the AmRev with "Guns and Bows and Arrows" Brian Tubbs
The Triumph of the Duke of Braintree "Part 2" Steve Payne The Triumph of the Duke of Braintree "Part 1" Steve Payne Birth of "Albert Gallatin" first US Secretary of the Treasury Steve Payne
"Puritan Minister John Adams" killed at the Incident on King Street Steve Payne Two America's: "Part 2" Allen W. McDonnell Birth of "John Hancock", Redux Steve Payne
President "John Hancock" celebrates his fifty-seventh birthday Eric Lipps Two America's: "Part 1" Allen W. McDonnell Birth of the Squire: US President "Richard Henry Lee" Steve Payne

Benjamin Franklin ends the Silence on "Slavery" Steve Payne Passing of America's First President "Benjamin Franklin" Steve Payne "Benedict Arnold" Meets Washington for Breakfast Jeff Provine
Ratification of the "Second Treaty of Paris" Steve Payne "Union Dissolved" after a brief War of Independence Steve Payne Birth of "John Hancock" ring-leader of failed AmRev Robbie Taylor
Loyalist "Paul Revere" has a Nightmare on King Street Steve Payne Birth of Speaker-President "Frederick Muhlenberg" Steve Payne "Pennsylvania Line Mutiny" ends the Revolt Steve Payne
General "James Wilkinson" passes away Steve Payne "Flushing Remonstrance" threatens rule of the silver-legged dictator Steve Payne "VP Jefferson" Impeached over Kentucky Resolutions Steve Payne

"Washington"'s Disaster at Trenton Jeff Provine Jefferson killed in the "Tragedy at Charlottesville" Steve Payne Ethan Allen captures "British Montreal" Steve Payne
Birth of President "John Jay" Robbie Taylor Birth of Dr "Arthur Lee" Steve Payne "Greater Virginia" gains Ohio Valley territory Steve Payne
Gen Washington refuses "Disagreeable Scheme" to serve as President Steve Payne Gen Washington refuses "Disagreeable Scheme" to serve as President, Redux Steve Payne Subversives Arrested while Attacking Ships in "Boston Harbor" Jeff Provine
"Boston" Tea Party Plays out Robbie Taylor Passing of "General Washington" Steve Payne "XIth Amendment" To The Bill Of Rights Steve Payne

A "A Loyal Gathering" at the Fraunces Tavern, NYC Steve Payne States reject the "12th Amendment" Steve Payne All Hail "King Washington" Steve Payne
Continental Army devastated in "New Jersey" Robbie Taylor Lt. John Paul Jones hoists the "Grand Union Flag" Steve Payne Alexander Hamilton quits as Secretary of the Treasury: "Part 2" Steve Payne
Alexander Hamilton quits as Secretary of the Treasury: "Part 1" Steve Payne Evacuation Day, Redux: Britain retains "New York City State" Steve Payne 22nd November, 1744 - birth of "Abigail Adams" Jeff Provine
"Wilkes Booth" Decides to Continue in the Oil Business Jeff Provine Sing an "American Tune" Steve Payne "Gen Washington" seeks to make militias into a military Steve Payne

Gen Washington's "Fifth of November" address Steve Payne George Clinton wins out in "Election Day Redux" Robbie Taylor A Traitor to the King "Part 2" Steve Payne
A Traitor to the King "Part 1" Steve Payne March 12, 1776 - Beginning of "Women's Suffrage" in America Jeff Provine 25th October, 1760 - "George III" becomes King of Great Britain Steve Payne
Happy Endings "Part 34": A national compromise on slavery Jackie Rose Long Live King "Lee" Steve Payne All Hail "King Washington" Steve Payne
Founding Father of the Republic of Virginia "George Mason IV" Steve Payne "Benedict Arnold", Architect of the Glorious Patriot Victory at Fort Arnold Steve Payne October 2nd, 1780 - Benedict Arnold rescues "John André" Steve Payne

Canada falls to the "Arnold-Montgomery Expedition" Steve Payne The "Treaty of Paris" ends the American Revolution Allen W. McDonnell "John Adams" appointed American Minister to France Steve Payne
The Fall of Montreal: "Ethan Allen's Big Adventure" Steve Payne September 23, 1780 - "John Andre" avoids capture Robbie Taylor "Tallmadge" Rescues Hale Jeff Provine
September 22, 1776 - Howe commutes "Hale"'s execution order Steve Payne The Disaster at "Freeman's Farm" Robbie Taylor September 10th, 1776 - "Nathan Hale" volunteers to spy for the Continental Army Jeff Provine
"Turtle" Sinks Eagle Jeff Provine Albert Gallatin founds US Department of the Treasury "Part 2" Steve Payne Albert Gallatin founds US Department of the Treasury "Part 1" Steve Payne

29th August, 1786 - beginning of "Shays" Rebellion Jeff Provine "Mashed Up" at Monticello Steve Payne Jefferson "dismissed" for remarks to Citizen Genet Steve Payne
For the "Constitution" - Liberty Fails Ruairi James Heekin Double Jeopardy: "Part 13" Chris Oakley For Want of a Nail, "Redux" a tribute to Robert Sobel's 1973 novel Steve Payne
Benedict Arnold: The "Father of Our Country" Lee Krystek WI Continental Congress elects different "C-in-C"? Ian C. Racey What if "George Washington" had Never Been born? Brian Tubbs
Gen Washington pays for hanging "the Firebrand" Steve Payne The Three Terms of President "George Clinton" Robbie Taylor Birth of General "Henry Knox" Steve Payne

Collapse of the "Revolt" Eric Lipps Double Jeopardy Part 12: "Death of Cornwallis" Chris Oakley Formation of the "Golden Bear" Republic Steve Payne
Pennsylvania "Uber Alles" Steve Payne American Hero "John Adams" Steve Payne Death of Whig Revolutionary "Edmund Burke" Eric Lipps
Brigadier General "George Washington" Steve Payne Mr "Jefferson's Letter" from the Colonies Steve Payne Censured "Independence Declaration" Mike Whelan
"Fourth of July", The Declaration of Independence Matt Dattillo Non-AH Content "New Wales" 1766 Allen W. McDonnell Continental Congress issues a "Declaration of Representation" Jeff Provine

Jefferson's refusal causes the "Collapse of the Revolt" Steve Payne The British Parliament infuriates partisans by voting down the "Townshend Acts" Eric Lipps Edward Rutledge's conciliatory "Letter" to John Jay Robbie Taylor
First President of Massachusetts "Le fameux Adams" Steve Payne Loyalists deal with the "Fourth of July" Outages Steve Payne Death of Republican Stalwart "Patrick Henry" Steve Payne
Bourbons agree to a "Constitutional Monarchy" Steve Payne American Victory at "Breed's Hill" Robbie Taylor January 17th, 1706 - birth of "Benjamin Franklin", President of Congress Assembled Jeff Provine
Thoughts on "Memorial Day" Matt Dattillo Non-AH Content American branch of the "House of Hohenzollern" Steve Payne Inaugural meeting of the "Plural Executive" Steve Payne

"Thomas Jefferson", President of Congress Assembled Steve Payne Midshipman George Washington: "Part 7" Steve Payne Midshipman George Washington: "Part 6" Steve Payne
The "Homestead Act" Signed, May 20, 1862 Matt Dattillo Non-AH Content 19th May, 1780 - Puritan New England's "Dark Day" ends the AmRev Steve Payne Midshipman George Washington: "Part 5" Steve Payne
Midshipman George Washington: "Part 3" Steve Payne Midshipman George Washington: "Part 4" Steve Payne 17th May, 1829 - Americans and British alike mourn the passing of US President "John Jay" Robbie Taylor
Midshipman George Washington: "Part 2" Steve Payne Midshipman George Washington: "Part 1" Steve Payne "We, the States.." rhetoric of Patrick Henry wins the day at Philadelphia Steve Payne

Benjamin Franklin calls for a "Plural Executive" Steve Payne Birth of Three-Term President "Monroe" Steve Payne Jefferson's "55 word" preamble struck out Steve Payne
Birth of Vice President "Roger Sherman" Steve Payne April 17, 1790 - "Benjamin Franklin" passes away in London Jeff Provine Passing of President "Franklin" Robbie Taylor
Famous only for his wife's "Ice Cream" Steve Payne Cooperative Post: "Ships of Fate" Jeff Provine Double Jeopardy: "Part 14" Chris Oakley
August 11th, 1779 - "O God!" It Is All Over Chris Oakley The mising letters of "George Washington" are finally discovered. Steve Payne John Adams marries his "Sweet Orlinda" Steve Payne

29th March, 1818 - Last Gasp of the "Sons of Liberty" Eric Lipps Connecticut Yankee in "King Alexander"'s Court Steve Payne Mr "Jefferson's Letter" reaches London Steve Payne
British general Jeffrey Amherst triggers "Great Indian War" Dirk Puehl John Adams "powers of self-destruction" gift the 1796 election to Alexander Hamilton. Steve Payne Gen Gates confronts an angry officers at "Newburgh Camp". Eric Lipps
"Newburgh Conspiracy" Marches Jeff Provine Arnold Betrays "West Point" To The British Robbie Taylor "Hamilton" dismissed from Washington's Staff Steve Payne
John Adams dies on board the "Boston" in 1778. Steve Payne "John Adams" killed during AmRev David Tenner Washington's life saved by "Comte de Saint Germane" Steve Payne

Washington ensures Adams "Bipartisan Strategy" works Steve Payne "George Washington"'s Farewell Letter of 1788 Steve Payne

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