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feature items. items have been published since the last newsletter was sent out and are re-publications. For ease of browsing, drilldowns are available on both Era and Author. Mainstream and/or opinion pieces are labelled Non-AH Content.


17th February 1791 - "Third Fleet" prepares to sail to Australia Steve Payne Hard woman "Flora MacDonald": Part 2 Steve Payne Hard woman "Flora MacDonald": Part 1 Steve Payne
James Cook Makes Landfall at "Midway" Jeff Provine 13th February, 1755 - "Benedict Arnold" Boards the Canterbury Steve Payne "Pyotr the Great" dies in captivity in Istanbul Robbie Taylor
"Lord Dover", Saviour of the Royal Navy Dirk Puehl "Mozart" finishes the Requiem Jeff Provine Prisoners Overthrow Guards in "New South Wales" Jeff Provine
5 August 1730 - the "Crown Prince" flees from Mannheim Steve Payne 24th January, 1712 - Crown Prince "Frederick" born Jeff Provine "Louis XVI" Sent into Exile Jeff Provine

Marshall Forced to Recuse Himself from "Marbury v. Madison" Jeff Provine "Nader Shah" Assassinated in Delhi Steve Payne "Napoleon III" assassinated in 1858 bombing Jeff Provine
Theologian "Jonathan Edwards" completes his masterwork Steve Payne "Louis XV" Assassinated Jeff Provine Marathas win the "Battle of Panipat" Steve Payne
"Mozart" off his game at Versailles Robbie Taylor Death of "Old Pretender" James Francis Edward Stuart Steve Payne 1st January, 1764 - "Mozart" has his vision of mathemematics Robbie Taylor
31st December, 1759 - "England" sues for peace Jeff Provine Revolution of 1796: "Jefferson" succeeds Washington Steve Payne President "Frederick Muhlenberg" passes away Steve Payne

"Second Amendment" is repealed Steve Payne 11th December, 1689 - "Williamite" Army defeated at Hounslow Heath Steve Payne Birth of Princess "Louise Hanover" Dirk Puehl
Prince Charlie Crosses "Swarkestone Bridge" Jeff Provine Charles Edward Stuart Receives Aid from an "Unexpected Source" Jackie Rose Prussian Disaster at "the Battle of Leuthen" Steve Payne
"Mozart" Pulls Through Jeff Provine Jacobite Army occupies "Derby" Steve Payne Birth of Two Non-Consecutive Term President "Martin Van Buren" Steve Payne
French revolutionary forces invade the "Republic of the United Provinces" Steve Payne Impeachment trial of "Samuel Chase" leads to conviction in the Senate Steve Payne Remember "the Zong" Steve Payne

Glorious Forty-Five: "Part 3" Steve Payne Glorious Forty-Five: "Part 1" Steve Payne Death of Captain "Edward Teach" Steve Payne
Glorious Kuruc Victory at "Zsibó" Steve Payne "Hard Woman" saves the Forty-Five Jackie Rose "Crown Prince" in Prussia Dies during Imprisonment Jeff Provine
Jacobites win the "Battle of Sheriffmuir" Jared Myers Prussians crash to defeat at "Battle of Rossbach" Steve Payne What Hath God Wrought: "The Great Montreal Fire Of 1789" Chris Oakley
Birth of "Daniel Boone" Third US President Steve Payne October 20, 1740 - "Austrian Throne" Left Empty Jeff Provine Happy Endings "Part 37": The pardon of Marie Antoinette Robbie Taylor

Rocky Mountain Beaver Company buys "Louisiana" Steve Payne US Capital located on the "Mason/Dixon" line Steve Payne At the Sign of the "Red Shield" Steve Payne
Theologian "Jonathan Edwards" completes his masterwork Steve Payne American Heroes: "John Adams" Steve Payne 29th September, 1725 - Birth of "Robert Clive" Steve Payne
"John Adams" appointed US Secretary of State Steve Payne "Congressional Apportionment" Amendment passes Steve Payne Hamilton succeeds Washington as "Republican King" Steve Payne
"James Francis Edward Stuart" The Great Pretender Steve Payne "John Adams" appointed US Secretary of State Steve Payne Father of the US Free State of "Quebec" Eric Lipps

President Samuel Adams impeached over "Louisiana Question" Steve Payne 8th September, 1761 - "George III" falls under the sway of the Whigs Steve Payne Death of father of microbiology "Antonie van Leeuwenhoek" Jeff Provine
22nd August, 1780 - Captain "Cook" returns to Blighty Jeff Provine Hard Man, Reboot: The Burning of "Flora MacDonald"'s Fancy Steve Payne August 1st, 1714 - Oldenburg ascension follows passing of "Queen Anne" Steve Payne
Robespierre's "Defense" Published Jeff Provine Birth of "General Bolivar", Spanish Conquistadore Robbie Taylor The "Forty-Five" Begins, July 23, 1745 Matt Dattillo Non-AH Content
The Jacobite Last Stand at "Derby", 1745 Chris Oakley Birth of President "Elbridge Thomas Gerry" Steve Payne "Peter the Great" captured by the Ottomans Steve Payne

Bonnie Prince Charlie intercepted by "Royal Navy" Steve Payne The Forty-Five Begins at "Moidart" Steve Payne July 15, 1799 - "Strange Stone" at Fort Julien, Egypt, Ignored Jeff Provine
President "John Randolph" and the Triumph of the Quids Steve Payne "Quasi-War" saves the Adams Presidency Steve Payne "Charles Stuart" The Lad that's Born to be King Steve Payne
Russia collapses under the Cursed Rule of "Tsar Alexei" Steve Payne 23 June 1757 - the John Company defeated at "Plassey" Steve Payne June 19th, 1754: Iroquois Leave "Albany Congress" Jeff Provine
A Stronger "Federalist Party" Scott Palter British Permanently Seize "Manila" Steve Payne British Permanently Seize "Cuba" Steve Payne

King "Billy" survives the Velvet Coated Assassin Steve Payne May 30th, 1794 - execution of First Consul "de Sade" Steve Payne Death of "James T. Callender" Steve Payne
Irish Rebels Take "Dublin" Jeff Provine Formation of "Ohio Company" Steve Payne The father of the nation is taken by "Washington's Inflenza" Steve Payne
May 9, 1769 - "Corsicans" Drive out the French Jeff Provine Father of Modern Chemistry "Antoine Lavoisier" Jake Dominguez The "Big Easy" is founded by Sieurde Bienville Steve Payne
Eli Whitney Sr. perfects his "Carding Machine" Allen W. McDonnell Birth of Oliver Ellsworth: "3rd Chief Justice" Steve Payne Vanishing Act: "the Strange Case of HMS Bounty" Chris Oakley

28th April, 1789 - Mutiny fails on the "Bounty" Steve Payne April 19, 1740 - Death of Charles VI and Maria Theresa leaves "Austrian Throne" empty Jeff Provine April 17, 1797 - British Seize "San Juan" Jeff Provine
Outbreak of the "Yamasee War" Steve Payne May 7, 1763 - "Pontiac" Seizes Fort Detroit Jeff Provine March 29, 1790 - Birth of President "Tyler" Jeff Provine
Birth of Baron "Jean de Batz" Eric Oppen November 24th, 1703 - Daniel Defoe killed in the "Great Storm" Steve Payne

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