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feature items. items have been published since the last newsletter was sent out and are re-publications. For ease of browsing, drilldowns are available on both Era and Author. Mainstream and/or opinion pieces are labelled Non-AH Content.

10th to 16th Centuries

18th February 1546 - death of Pope "Martin" VI Steve Payne Tokugawa clan lose the "Battle of Sekigahara" Steve Payne Marco Polo Meets a "Flores Man" Jeff Provine
Birth of usurper "Henry Tudor", Earl of Richmond Jackie Speel Paracelsus transmutes base metals into "Gold" Eric Lipps Firearms Drawn at "Barletta" Jeff Provine
"Richard of Bordeaux" makes his bold escape Steve Payne The Seventh Wife of "Henry VIII" Jackie Rose 12th February, 1568 - "Elizabeth Tudor" follows Cousin Mary in death Eric Oppen
19 June 1566 - James follows "Mary" in death Eric Oppen Away all Boats: "Part 2" Chris Oakley 'Tis The East: "Part 2" Chris Oakley

Happy Endings "Part 50": England finds its Lost Coin at Bosworth Field Steve Payne "Mongol Conquest" of Europe Falters Steve Payne St "Thomas and the Lion" Ruairi James Heekin
What If Queen "Elizabeth I" Had Married and Had Children? Rooksmoor "Tudor B*stards" end the English Succession Crisis Steve Payne Aliya Rama Raya wins the "Battle of Talikota" Steve Payne
The "Last Move" of the Spider King Steve Payne "John of Gaunt", duke of Lancaster, dies without heirs Robbie Taylor Owen Tudor wins out in "Rise of the Welsh Ascendency" Steve Payne
Backlash to the Spanish Suppression of the "Dutch Revolt" Steve Payne Away all Boats: "Part 1" Chris Oakley Happy Endings "Part 48": The King's Mistress Steve Payne

Muslim Princes win the "Battle of Al-Uqab" Steve Payne Pretender "Henry Tudor" born Robbie Taylor Death of "Henry Tudor" Holy Roman Emperor Jeff Provine
Tragedy in the "House of Valois" Steve Payne Blessed "Joan" of Portugal Steve Payne Happy Endings "Part 47": The Most Despised Man In England Steve Payne
Suspension of Pope "Eugene IV" Takes Hold Jeff Provine 16 July 1546 - English "Protestantism" dies in its cradle Steve Payne "De Montfort's" Parliament Ends English Monarchy Jeff Provine
The premature death of "Stephen III" prompts an Ottoman Victory Jeff Provine French Win the "Battle of Crécy" Steve Payne 10th January, 1054 - Christendom discovers her "Lost Coin" Steve Payne

Death of "Catherine of Aragon" beloved wife to King Arthur II of England Steve Payne The Seventh Wife of "Henry VIII" Jackie Rose Battle of Hastings begins the "Anglo-Norman War" Jeff Provine
The "English" discover the Americas Steve Payne "Frederick Barbarossa" survives to lead Kings Crusade Steve Payne Birth of Henry, "Duke of Cornwall" Jackie Rose
Thomas Seymour overthrows the "Government" Steve Payne Happy Ending "Part 15" Henry VIII's Second Wife: Mary Boleyn Steve Payne Bishop "Thomas Becket" Arrested Jeff Provine
"John Lackland", Angevin Emperor Steve Payne Pizarro's "Lost Expedition" Leaves Panama Jeff Provine Queen Elizabeth I marries "Ivan the Terrified" Steve Payne

Fate of the "Eminence Grise" Steve Payne Birth of "King John" Eric Lipps "Treaty of Greenwich" is signed Steve Payne
Death of "James V" King of Scots Steve Payne Death of the "Bard" Steve Payne Birth of "Catherine of Aragon" Queen of England Steve Payne
Robert Dudley, "King of Scotland" Dirk Puehl Ill-fated "Drake" Expedition Leaves England Jeff Provine All the World's a "Stage" Steve Payne
"China" Acts David Atwell Birth of Mary, Queen of "Scotland, France & England" Robbie Taylor Birth of "Mary", Queen of Scots Jeff Provine

"Philip II of Spain" saves King Henry IX Steve Payne November 24, 1621 - Wampanoags Drive "Pilgrims" into the Sea Jeff Provine Knights Hospitaller vanquished at the "Great Siege of Malta" Steve Payne
William Adelin survives "White Ship" Disaster Steve Payne Coronation of "Elizabeth of York" Steve Payne "Leszek the White" Survives Steve Payne
Execution of "Richard of Shrewsbury", 1st Duke of York Steve Payne Knights Templar Gain "New Crusade" Jeff Provine The Triumph of "Bagrat the Great" Steve Payne
Birth of "Charles the Last" Robbie Taylor November 19th, 1493 - Columbus discovers "Puerto Rico" Jeff Provine "William Tell" Misses Jeff Provine

Sir Walter Raleigh "Acquitted" Jeff Provine Glorious Minamoto victory at "Battle of Mizushima" Steve Payne 17th November, 1558 - premature death of "Bloody Mary" Steve Payne
Johnsfort Christian Island "Part 3" Allen W. McDonnell Scots lose the "Battle of Stirling Bridge" Steve Payne Elizabethan "Civil War" Era Begins Steve Payne
Triumph of the "Empty Coat" Steve Payne Columbus leads "Flight to the Americas" Steve Payne Ambush at the "Morgarten Pass" Steve Payne
'Tis The East: "Part 3" Chris Oakley Mississippians welcome "de Vaca" Party Steve Payne Birth of "Elizabeth Tailboys", Queen of England Steve Payne

Sad Death of "Edward Longshanks" Steve Payne Charles I Robert survives "Wallachian ambush" Steve Payne Glorious "Papal Victory" at Varna Steve Payne
"Twilight of the Tudors" - An English Theocracy Jeff Provine Glorious Austrian Victory at "Gammelsdorf" Steve Payne Happy Endings "Part 41": Miracle of York Steve Payne
French win the "Battle of Agincourt" Steve Payne 1066: the Battle of "London Bridge" Jackie Rose "Catherine of Aragon" Queen of England meets Arthur Tudor Steve Payne
4th November, 1501 - Arthur "Tudor" meets Catherine of Aragon Steve Payne Sunday, 30th October, 1485 - the Coronation of "Henry Tudor" Steve Payne 3rd November, 1534 - English Parliament passes the "Act of Supremacy" Steve Payne

Birth of King "Edward V" Jackie Speel Komnenos Brothers lift the "Siege of Sinope" Steve Payne October 31, 1517 - Martin Luther Nails "Ninety-Five Theses" to Wittenburg Town Hall Jeff Provine
"Conradin and Frederick of Baden" celebrate victory at Tagliacozzo Steve Payne 27th October, 1553 - Unitarian martyr "Michael Servetus" burned at the stake Steve Payne "Ottomans" Victorious 1530-1566 Allen W. McDonnell
October 25, 1400 - Chaucer Freed from Prison and Composes "Croun Retorned" Jeff Provine King John wins the "Battle of Bouvines" Steve Payne Castilian Victory at the "Battle of the Slippery Ground" Steve Payne
The long reign of "Baldwin the Magnificent" Steve Payne Bosworth, 1486, Part 3: "Fall of the Plantagenet Dynasty" Jackie Speel "Henry V" first dual King of England and France Steve Payne

Meltdown in the "Crusader War Council" Steve Payne Battle of "Stamford Bridge" Steve Payne 19th October, 1533 - Clement VII denounces the "Anti-pope" Thomas Cranmer Steve Payne
King Harold defeated at the "Battle of Stamford Bridge" Rooksmoor Mongol victory at the "Battle of Ain Jalut" Steve Payne Byzantine Victory at the "Battle of Dyrrhachium" Steve Payne
Ottoman Reversal at "Kosovo Field" Steve Payne 15th October, 1066 - Witenagemot proclaims "Edgar the Ætheling" King of England Steve Payne October 14, 1066 - Battle of Hastings begins the "Anglo-Norman War" Jeff Provine
Arch-conjuror John Dee communicates with the angles using his "scrying mirror" Steve Payne October 14, 1066 - Welsh Forces Overwhelm Normans at "Hastings" Jeff Provine King Richard III victorious at "Bosworth Field" Rooksmoor

The "unluckiest day" of the year Jackie Rose 16 June 1487 - Glorious Yorkist Victory at "Stoke Field" Steve Payne 12 October 1537 - Birth of "Edward VI" of England Steve Payne
October 10, 1471 - Christian I Secures Danish Rule over "Kalmar Union" Jeff Provine Ironside's Republic: "Part 1" Heterodus Penryth "Union" of Castile and Portugal 1477 Allen W. McDonnell
October 9, 1002 - Smallpox Introduced to the "New World" Jeff Provine Allah Willis IT!: "Muslim Army relieves Antioch" Steve Payne Governor "Bustamante" elected Robbie Taylor
Swedes defeated at "Battle of Wittstock" Steve Payne October 3rd, 1626 - birth of "Richard Cromwell" Robbie Taylor Francisco de Valdez recaptures rebellious city of "Leiden" Steve Payne

Saint Hugh "Part 2" Allen W. McDonnell Norman State breaks-up during "The Anarchy" Steve Payne Bosworth, 1486, Part 1: "Lord of the North" Jackie Speel
Pope Gregory VIII issues decree calling for "Third Crusade" Steve Payne October 2, 1529 - Ottomans Storm "Vienna" Jeff Provine August 22, 1485 - "Richard III" Affirms Legitimacy at Bosworth Field Jeff Provine
2nd October, 1425 - Birth of "Richard III", Last King of England Steve Payne 1st May, 1189: "Ireland Redemption" caused by prayers of Saint Hugh Allen W. McDonnell Pope Nicholas II issues decree calling for "Tenth Crusade" Steve Payne
Bracciolini discovers "On the Nature of Things" Steve Payne 29 September 1547 - birth of the great pirate "Miguel" Robbie Taylor Glorious Habsburg Victory at "Mühldorf am Inn" Steve Payne

Tataro-Mongols victory at the "Battle of the Ugra River" Steve Payne Ottomans Besiege "Vienna" Jeff Provine Prince Casimir Felled at "Battle of Plowce" Jeff Provine
Welsh Forces Overwhelm Normans at "Hastings" Steve Payne King Harold Godwinson killed at the "Battle of Stamford Bridge" Steve Payne "Crusade of Nicopolis" ends in Triumph Steve Payne
September 25th, 1066 - Treaty of "Stamford Bridge" saves Anglo-Saxon England Steve Payne Famous Livonian Victory at the "Battle of Saule" Steve Payne The Usurper "Henry Bolingbroke" is executed Robbie Taylor
Normans repulsed at "Hastings" Robbie Taylor Estonian Victory at the "Battle of St. Matthew's Day" Steve Payne "Aztec" Invasion of Elizabethen England Robbie Taylor

WI Paganism halted advance of "Christianity "? Rooksmoor WI "Belgium" had never been? Rooksmoor Birth of King "Arthur II" Steve Payne
Bosworth, 1486, Part 2: "The Rose of Rouen" Jackie Speel French Victory at the "Battle of Poitiers" Steve Payne Birth of Anti-Pope "Henry Tudor" Steve Payne
"Johnsfort Christian" Island Part 2 Allen W. McDonnell Teutonic Knights triumph at the "Battle of Świecino" Steve Payne September 15, 1254 - Birth of "Marco Polo" Steve Payne
Early Decision in the "Jishō-Juei" War Steve Payne Count Raymond VI of Toulouse, Hero of the "Battle of Muret" Steve Payne The Lesser Judgment Day destroys "Constantinople" Steve Payne

"Henry VI" survives poisoning to command the Fourth Crusade Steve Payne Unexpected consequences of the Scottish Victory at "Flodden Fields" Steve Payne Dmitry of the Don falls at the "Battle of Kulikovo" Steve Payne
Da Vinci's "David" unveiled in Florence Jeff Provine "Piracy" Ends India-UK Relations Jeff Provine Happy Endings "Part 30": Bosworth Field Jackie Rose
Better the "Cardinal's hat" than the Sultan's turban! Steve Payne Saracen Victory at the "Battle of Arsuf" Steve Payne Coronation of Thomas and Mary after "Ridolfi Plot" succeeds Steve Payne
Guelph family win the "Battle of Montaperti" Steve Payne 4th September 1455 - "Henry Stafford" born Steve Payne Murder was the Case, "Part 6" Chris Oakley

Old Swiss Confederacy punish French at "St. Jakob" Steve Payne Famous Hungarian Victory at the "Battle of Mohács" Steve Payne "Přemyslid Dynasty" seize Central Europe Steve Payne
"Johnsfort Christian" Island Allen W. McDonnell 26th August, 1483 - "Bohun inheritance" restored to the Duke of Buckingham Steve Payne Byzantine Victory at "Battle of Manzikert" Steve Payne
Famous Ottoman victory at the "Battle of Călugăreni" Steve Payne Young "King Edward V" crowned after Bosworth Field Robbie Taylor Restoration of "King Edward V" Jackie Speel
"Richard III" Affirms Legitimacy at Bosworth Field Jeff Provine Mongols march to the "Great Sea" Steve Payne Reversion of "Byzantium" Steve Payne

August 21st, 1553 - calamitous death of "Edward VI" Steve Payne Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Hero of "the Battle of Hastings" Steve Payne "Roanoke" Reestablished North Jeff Provine
November 12th, 1811 - Impressment of Seaman "Charles Davis" by the U.S. Navy Steve Payne Moroccans Rout "Would-be Crusaders" in Spain Jeff Provine French victory at the "Battle of the Spurs" Steve Payne
15th August, 1481 - Mongol victory at the "Battle of Kōan" Jeff Provine Castilian victory at the "Battle of Aljubarrota" Steve Payne "Macbeth" falls in the tragedy at Bothganowan Steve Payne
"James Stuart", Duke of York dies with the sinking of the Gloucester Steve Payne David the Builder defeated at the "Battle of Didgori" Steve Payne Fatimid Victory at the "Battle of Ascalon" Steve Payne

"Aztecs" Ambush Conquistadors Jeff Provine Richard IV and Edward VI find a very "happy ending" Jackie Rose King of Scotland "James of the fiery face" lives Steve Payne
"Mongke Khan" Recovers to conquer Mongol World Jeff Provine "Geoffrey Chaucer" freed from Prison Jeff Provine Ottoman Victory at the "Second Battle of Mokra" Steve Payne
"Frederick the Wise" Elected Holy Roman Emperor Jeff Provine "Henry VIII" Elected Holy Roman Emperor Jeff Provine Happy Endings "Part 28" Wedding at Ravenna re-unites East & West Roman Empires Steve Payne
A Great "Christian Nation" Anon Battle of "Stanhope Park" ends War of Scottish Independence Steve Payne A different fate for the "Templars" Anon

Scottish Independence declared at "Arbroath Abbey" Steve Payne Ill Wind: "Malaga Massacre" Chris Oakley Happy Endings "Part 27": A Lucky Escape for Our Greatest Monarch Steve Payne
A Differerent "Kingdom of Italy" Anon "Alhambra Decree" takes effect Jeff Provine 31st July, 1630 - Signing of the Unfair "Treaty of Madrid" Allen W. McDonnell
Johnsfort Christian Island "Part 4" Allen W. McDonnell "Boris Godunov" Caught as Anti-Ivanovich Conspiracy Foiled Steve Payne Glorious Angevin-Welf Victory at "Bouvines" Steve Payne
Norman Conquest of "France" Steve Payne 24th July, 1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots forced to abdicate and replaced by her 1-year-old daughter "Jacobina" I Steve Payne May 1513-August 1524: Christopher Bainbridge elevated to Pope "Adrian VI" Allen W. McDonnell

"Roanoke" Reestablished North Jeff Provine "John Hunyadi" falls: Doom bell rings for Western Europe Steve Payne Happy Endings "Part 15a" Death of Henry VIII's Second Wife: Mary Boleyn Jackie Rose
The troubled early days of "Good Queen Jane" Steve Payne The troubled early days of Good King "Guildford" Steve Payne What if "Charles I" had won the English Civil War? Anon
What if "England" had been led by the Levelers? Anon "Tour de Nesle" Affair Eric Oppen July 13th, 1527 - birth of "John Dee" Steve Payne
Happy Endings: "Part 10" Arthur and Joanna of Castille Steve Payne The long reign of "Baldwin the Magnificent" Steve Payne 11th July 1274 - birth of "Robert the Bruce" Steve Payne

War of the Roses ends in the Lancastrians Triumph at "Northampton" Steve Payne 10th July, 1553 - "Good Queen Jane" takes the throne of England Jeff Provine The Supremacy of "Cavalry" Assured Jeff Provine
Normans defeated at Hastings by "Harold the Magnificent" Steve Payne William of Normandy joins "Harold Godwinson" in death Jackie Speel Happy Endings: "Part 4" Mary & Bothwell Steve Payne
2nd July, 1489 - birth of tame Pope-let "Thomas Cranmer" Jeff Provine The Secret of "Juan Ponce de León" Steve Payne Murder was the Case, "Part 7" Chris Oakley
King "Edward V" of England Robbie Taylor Rise and Fall of "King Richard III" of England Jackie Rose Mary, Queen of Scots defends David Rizzio: "Part One" [Part One] Steve Payne

Mary, Queen of Scots defends David Rizzio: "Part Two" [Part Two] Steve Payne Birth of "Robert Dudley", King of Scotland Dirk Puehl "Gregory XIII" Reforms Calendar Allen W. McDonnell
19th June, 1566 - birth of Good Queen "Jacobina" Steve Payne "William the Silent" Lives Steve Payne Glorious Scottish Victory at "Methven" Steve Payne
18th June, 1178 - the upper horn of the "moon" splits in two Robbie Taylor June 17th, 1579: Drake Founds "New Albion" Jeff Provine King John refuses to sign the "Magna Carta" Eric Lipps
The "Teutonic Knights": Republic and Empire John W. Braue, III 15th June, 1215 - King "John" Refuses The Magna Carta Robbie Taylor Wat Tyler's "army of peasants" burn London to the ground Robbie Taylor

12th June, 1418 - "John the Fearless" claims the French Crown Steve Payne Lady Anne Neville, "Kingmaker's Daughter" Jackie Speel 11th June, 1183 - "Henry" the Young King survives Steve Payne
Treaty of "Tordesillas" divides Americas North-South Steve Payne June 8th, 1042: Harthacnut the Viking Avoids "Poisoning" Jeff Provine 8th June, 1558 - England keeps the "Pale de Calais" Steve Payne
England fragments after the Sad Death of "Edward Longshanks" Steve Payne June 3rd, 1540: "De Soto" Discovers Gold North of Florida Jeff Provine Livonian Order victorious at the "Battle of Turaida" Steve Payne
"Mary", Queen of France Jackie Rose May 30, 1451 - "Jeanne d'Arc" Takes Vows Jeff Provine "De Soto" Discovers Gold North of Florida Jeff Provine

May 29, 1453 - "Constantinople" Siege Raised Jeff Provine 29 September 1509 - birth of "Michael Servetus" Steve Payne "England Expects": the Spanish Conquest of England, 1588 Steve Payne
May 25, 1521 - "Martin Luther" Assassinated Jeff Provine 25th May, 1521 - Archbishop "Albrecht" wears the shoes of the Fisherman Jeff Provine Coronation of "Edward VI" establishes the Simnel line Steve Payne
"House of Lancaster" resurgent Robbie Taylor Short-lived triumph of the "Yorkists" usurpers Robbie Taylor Plantagenet lose "Baron's War" Steve Payne
"Da Gama" Expedition Ambushed Jeff Provine Catherine of Aragon marries Arthur Tudor A "True and Loving Husband" Steve Payne England is "besmear'd" in hell Steve Payne

The Bloody Disaster at "Evesham" secures Welsh Independence Fanged Hummingbird "De Montfort" Seizes English Throne Steve Payne The Seventh Wife of "Henry VIII", redux Steve Payne
May 14, 1525 - Peasants Win the Battle of "Frankenhausen" Jeff Provine "De Montfort"'s Parliament Ends English Monarchy Jeff Provine What If King Richard III Had Won at "Bosworth Field"? Rooksmoor
"Red Rose" Running Rampant Fearless Leader May 3, 1481 - "Mehmed the Conqueror" Marches on Italy Jeff Provine Happy Endings Part "22": The Escape from Loch Leven Castle Eric Oppen
2nd May, 1559: "John Knox" returns from exile Steve Payne April 29, 711 - "Visigoths" Notice Umayyad Invasion Jeff Provine Happy Endings "Part 21": Jadwiga betrothed to William the Courteous, Duke of Austria Steve Payne

April 27, 1578 - Henry III Prevents a "Duel" Jeff Provine April 26, 1336 - "Petrarch" Leads the March up Mount Ventoux Jeff Provine May 8, 1516 - "Le Tuong Duc" Wins the Loyalty of his Guard Jeff Provine
April 24, 1629 - "Oliver Cromwell" Boards the Lyon Jeff Provine 24th April, 1296 - "Marco Polo" captured off the Anatolian coast Steve Payne Duel of Death for "Cervantes & Shakespeare" David Atwell
April 23, 1014 - "Brian Boru" Secures High Kingship at Clontarf Jeff Provine Death of the villainous "Shakespeare" David Atwell "Brazil" the Portuguese Canada Steve Payne
April 22, 1539 - "Treaty of Zaragoza" Wins the Philippines for Portugal Jeff Provine Siege of "Siena" Lifted Steve Payne Ascension of "King Arthur II" Steve Payne

April 20, 1303 - "Sapienza University" Leads to Industrial Revolution Jeff Provine April 16, 1520 - "Rebellion in Toledo" Begins the End of Charles I in Castile Jeff Provine Golden Horde triumph at the "Terek River" Steve Payne
Oxford saves the Lancastrians at the "Battle of Barnet" Steve Payne Birth of "King Henry VIII" Chris Collins April 13, 1657 - "Oliver Cromwell" Recommends Henry for the Crown Jeff Provine
13 April 1657 - "God's providence" saves the Commonwealth Steve Payne 13th April, 1501 - birth of Good Queen "Anne" Steve Payne Marco Polo brings back the "Art of War" Steve Payne
25th September 1066 - Orre's Storm carries the day at "Stamford Bridge" Steve Payne "Mistress Boleyn" returns from Paris Jackie Rose 22 August 1553 - Triple Execution at "Tower Hill" Steve Payne

King "Edward IV" Survives Robbie Taylor Habsburg Victory at the "Battle of Nafels" Steve Payne April 9, 1625 - "Bacon" Announces Preservation of Meat by Freezing Jeff Provine
"Francis Xavier" Vows an Eternal Portuguese Empire Jeff Provine "King Geoffrey I" overthrows his brother John Robbie Taylor Birth of "Henry IX (The Great)", King of England Steve Payne
Alexander Nevsky defeated at the "Battle of Lake Peipus" Marko Bosscher Mother of the Confederation "Pocahontas" Dirk Puehl 5th April, 1579 - Ascension of "Henry IX" Jeff Provine
April 2, 1502 - "Arthur Tudor" Survives Jeff Provine Constantinople Siege Raised by "Tenth Crusade" Jeff Provine March 31, 1492 - "Alhambra Decree" Begins Scheme to Send Jews West Jeff Provine

March 29, 1461 - House of Lancaster Victorious at "Towton" Jeff Provine 29th March, 1548 - birth of "Lord Fairfax" Steve Payne Captain Francis O'Neill: "Hard Man" Jackie Rose
March 26th, 1199 - "Richard the Lionheart" survives the accident in Châlus-Chabrol Steve Payne March 25, 1409 - Violent "Council of Pisa" Begins Jeff Provine The disaster at "Château de Châlus-Chabrol" Steve Payne
Birth of "Margaret of Anjou", Queen consort of England Steve Payne March 22nd, 1534 - "Adrian VI" wears the shoes of the Fisherman Steve Payne The Beheading of "Geoffrey Chaucer" at Poet's Corner Steve Payne
Poet John Milton is martyred in "Paradise Stolen" Steve Payne Shakespeare writes "Henry VII" Steve Payne Birth of "Mary Tudor", Queen of France Steve Payne

The Day Of "Patriclus" Robbie Taylor The "Fall of Ireland" (no Cromwellian Invasion) Marko Bosscher Birth of "James IV" of Scotland Steve Payne
"Warwick" the Queen Maker Steve Payne 'Tis The East: "Part 1" Chris Oakley The Ottoman "Printing Press" H. Torrance Griffin
Parlement Rejects "Peace of Rueil" Jeff Provine David Rizzio Defends "Mary, Queen of Scots" [Standalone] Jeff Provine 5th March, 1229 - Benedictine order salts the grounds of the "Podlažice" monastery Steve Payne
Triumph of the "Red Bearded" Crusader Steve Payne March 4th, 1415 - The life of "Jan Hus" is spared Steve Payne "Statute of Rhuddlan" Creates Welsh Kingdom Jeff Provine

March 2nd, 1377 - "John Wycliffe" departs for Rome Steve Payne "Gruffydd ap Llywelyn" falls from the Tower Marko Bosscher

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