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feature items. items have been published since the last newsletter was sent out and are re-publications. For ease of browsing, drilldowns are available on both Era and Author. Mainstream and/or opinion pieces are labelled Non-AH Content.

First Millenium

Emperor "Jovian" Survives Steve Payne Who would "Jesus" bomb? Jackie Rose "Galerius the Great" wins the Battle of Carrhae II Steve Payne
Happy Ending "Part 52": No candy or chocolates for Valentine's holiday Jackie Rose "Galerius" overthrows Diocletian Steve Payne "Constantinople" Falls to the Avars Steve Payne
"Gao Xianzhi" captures Central Asia Steve Payne "Severus" Gives Caracalla a Quest Jeff Provine Samaritans pay for rejecting the Word "Part 2" Steve Payne
Samaritans pay for rejecting the Word "Part 1" Steve Payne "Constantinople", imperial city of the Huns Steve Payne "Holy War" in the Horn of Africa Steve Payne

Judas the "tortured hero" of the Gnostic Gospel Steve Payne 20th January, AD56 - "Saint Phoebe" leaves for Jerusalem Steve Payne January 17th, AD 49 - "Aretas IV Philopater" accepts the Word Steve Payne
Saxon victory at the "Battle of Mons Badonicus" Steve Payne 2nd January, AD 38 - Trial of "Pontius Pilate" Steve Payne Happy Endings: "Part 7" Henry VIII & Catherine Steve Payne
"Rome" Returns to the Republic Jeff Provine Umayyads win the "Battle of Ardabil" Steve Payne "King Arthur" survives the Battle of Camlann Steve Payne
King Jesus: "Part 1" - Triumphs Over Jerusalem David Atwell Cao Cao loses the "Battle of Guandu" Steve Payne Zechariah triggers the "Third Miracle" Steve Payne

Birth of "Thomas a Becket" Dirk Puehl Great Palmyrene Triumph over Rome at the Battle of "Immae" Steve Payne 21st December, 48 AD - Paul is stoned to death in "Lystra" Steve Payne
No "Saint Nick"! Jackie Rose "Geta" survives a violent struggle with disloyal members of Praetorian Guar Steve Payne Peter as Thomas: Doubt causes the Fall of "Antioch" Steve Payne
Romans escape the "Teutoburg Ambush" Steve Payne Birth of "Jewish Rabbi Yeshua" Steve Payne "Mark" as Paul: The Lifting of the Curse of Ham Steve Payne
Belisarius Killed at "Tricamarum" Jeff Provine Discovery of "Abyssinians", Paul's epistle to the Egyptian St Mark Steve Payne Herod witness the "First Miracle" Steve Payne

Herod inadvertently triggers the "Second Miracle" Steve Payne Byzantine Emperor "Nikephoros II Phokas" Survives Steve Payne March 12, 721 - "Duke Odo" Captured Allen W. McDonnell
AD 58 - "Paul" as John Steve Payne AD 37 - "John the Baptist"'s miraculous escape from Machaerus Jeff Provine AD 27 - "John" as Paul Steve Payne
Death of Roman Emperor "Diocletian" Steve Payne Conversion of "Barabbas" the Apostle Steve Payne Titus Aurelius Antoninus named "Imperator" Steve Payne
"Diocletian" chosen as Roman Emperor. Steve Payne Progression of Offices saves "Roman Tetrarchy" Steve Payne Sassanid Victory at "al-Qadisiyyah" halts Muslim Advance Jeff Provine

Glorious Mercian Victory at the "Battle of Winwaed" Steve Payne Queen Boudica wins the "Battle of Watling Street" Steve Payne Hamdanid Victory at "Andrassos" Steve Payne
"Caliph Omar" Stabbed Five Times Jeff Provine A really Happy "Halloween" Jackie Rose October 28, 312 - "Milvian Bridge" Victorious at Milvian Bridge Jeff Provine
Maxentius Triumphs at the "Battle of the Milvian Bridge" Steve Payne Valens takes charge of "Second Battle of Bedriacum" Steve Payne October 16, 37 AD - "Emperor Gaius" Dies Jeff Provine
Visigoth Relief for Roman Emperor Avitus at "Piacenza" Steve Payne Charles Martel Loses the "Battle of Tours" Steve Payne October 13, 54 - "Britannicus" Named Heir to Claudius Jeff Provine

Rightful King Modred killed by pretender "Artorius" Jackie Speel Germanicus Julius Caesar "wins out" in Syria Steve Payne 10th October, 1160 - birth of "Robin Hood" the Brute Steve Payne
Jesus "stoned" for challenging the leaven of the Pharisees Steve Payne October 6, 336 BC - "Pausanias of Orestis" Assassinates Attalus Jeff Provine Scots win the Battle of "Mons Graupius" Steve Payne
"Hypatia" escapes the angry mob Steve Payne Imperator Mundi, "Basileus Kosmou" John W. Braue, III Hunnic Defeat on the "Marne" Steve Payne
8th of Tishrei, 3806 - Jesus frightening vision of "Paradise" Steve Payne Licinius wins the "Battle of Chrysopolis" Steve Payne 4th of Tishrei, 3806 - "Simon Peter" Recognised by Caesar Steve Payne

Michael Bourtzes relieves the city of "Apamea" Steve Payne The premature death of "Attilla the Hun" Steve Payne 3rd of Tishrei, 3794 - "Jesus" Recognised as the Messiah by Jews Steve Payne
Vandal King Gelimer defeats Byzantines at the Battle of the "Ten Mile Post" Steve Payne Magyars live to regret winning the "Battle of Augsburg" Steve Payne Roman Emperor "Flavius Julius Crispus" Steve Payne
Glorious Norwegian Victory at the Naval "Battle of Svolder" Steve Payne In "The First Jihad" the Magi execute Herod Steve Payne Theodosius the Great repulsed at the "Battle of the Frigidus" Steve Payne
"Flavius Odoacer" proclaimed King of Italy Steve Payne Crushing Arab Victory at the "Battle of Lalakaon" Steve Payne 1st September, AD27 - Restoration of the "Gerasene demoniac" Steve Payne

"Peter the Rock" stands true Steve Payne "Emperor Claudius" restores the Republic Stan Brin Roman Testudi Ferrei Overrun "Iceni Rebels" Jeff Provine
Hero Judas betrayed in the "Field of Blood" Steve Payne Famous Byzantine Victory at the "Battle of Yarmouk" Steve Payne Emperor Constantine reforms "the Dominate" Steve Payne
Birth of co-rulers "Titus Aurelius and Commodus" Steve Payne "Basil II" killed at the Battle of the Gates of Trajan Steve Payne Umayyads capture "Constantinople" Steve Payne
Magyars win the "Battle of Augsburg" in 955. Jeff Provine Ill-fated Triumph of "Bulcsú" the Man of Blood Steve Payne Visigoths turned away from the "gates of Rome" Steve Payne

Yeshua proclaimed "Rabbi of Nazareth" Steve Payne "Rome" Returns to the Republic Jeff Provine "Visigoths" Notice Umayyad Invasion Jeff Provine
"Fishers of Men" Jeff Provine "Troy" Victorious Anton Paier Olaf III Guthfrithsson wins the "Battle of Nations" Steve Payne
The AD 64 "Fire in Rome" is successfully contained Jeff Provine Happy Endings: "Part 9" Zelda Fitzgerald Hemingway Jackie Rose Happy Endings: "Part 5" Jesus & Lazarus Steve Payne
June 29th, 626: "Avars" Storm Constantinople Jeff Provine Alternative History: "Julian Messiah" John W. Braue, III June 26th, 363: Emperor Julian defeated "Sharpur II" Jeff Provine

June 20th, 451: Attila's Victory at the "Catalaunian Plains" Jeff Provine "Jesus" saved from the Cross Jackie Rose "Magister Militum" Flavius Stilicho Lives Steve Payne
"Jesus", Saviour of Rome, Redux 2 Eric Oppen "Jesus", Saviour of Rome, Redux Eric Oppen "Jesus" saviour of Rome Eric Oppen
Happy Endings "Part 25" Joshua the High Priest Jackie Rose DCCLIV A.U.C. - Magi accompany Jesus Family in "Flight to Egypt" Jackie Speel Alfred the Great killed at the "Battle of Ethandun" Steve Payne
Reversion of Byzantium: Rise of a "Second Greek Empire" Steve Payne DCCLXXXIII A.U.C. - Ananias of Damascus exposes a "Pharisee infiltrator" Steve Payne Peter's conflict with "Simon Magus" Steve Payne

Foundation of "al-Gharb" prelude to Islamic Atlantis Steve Payne April 28, 1192 - "Conrad"'s Would-be Assassin Names Richard Jeff Provine The Catastrophe at "Clontaf"! Ruairi James Heekin
The Last Temptation of "Jesus" Steve Payne The Triumph of "Maximinus Thrax" Steve Payne King Jesus: "Part 6" - King David III Triumphs For Israel David Atwell
"Lilith" unable to present the Fall of Man Steve Payne Judas rescues Jesus in "Live" Steve Payne April 5, 1081 - "Alexios Komnenos" Executed Jeff Provine
King Jesus: "Part 5" - Prince Jonathan Crowned King of Israel David Atwell The City of "Tomis" falls to the Avars Steve Payne King Jesus: "Part 4" - Jesus secures his kingdom's future David Atwell

King Jesus: "Part 3" - announces the birth of Crown Prince Jonathon David Atwell 537 - "Mordred" the Great secures his legacy at Camlann Jackie Speel King Jesus: "Part 2" - gains revenge against General Judas David Atwell
March 17, 180 - "Pompeianus" Succeeds Marcus Aurelius as Co-Ruler Jeff Provine Death of "Marcus Aurelius" Steve Payne The Redemption of "St Judas" Steve Payne
Julius Caesar Survives the "Ides of March" Eric Lipps Death of "Nero" Eric Oppen "Arrest of Jesus" goes disastrously wrong Steve Payne
161 - "Antoninus Pius", Roman Emperor passes away Steve Payne

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