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Steve Payne

"Le Grand Charles" becomes the "master of Europe". Steve Payne Coldwar 10 May 1940 - Edward VIII gives the "King's Speech" Steve Payne Darkvalley 10 May, 1941 - "Heß's" Mysterious Flight to Scotland Steve Payne WW2
10th June 1974 - death of "Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester" Steve Payne WW2 10th April, 1951 - Tragedy in "Korea" Steve Payne Coldwar 10th January, 1054 - Christendom discovers her "Lost Coin" Steve Payne 10to16
10th March, 1985 - passing of Secretary "Chernenko" Steve Payne Coldwar 10th May, 1949 - "Springwood", Hyde Park NY Steve Payne Coldwar 10th October, 1160 - birth of "Robin Hood" the Brute Steve Payne 0to10th
11-12 October 1986: Full Nuclear Disarmament agreed at "Reykjavík" Steve Payne Coldwar 11th December, 1689 - "Williamite" Army defeated at Hounslow Heath Steve Payne 18th 11th January, 1923 - Weimar Republic Collapses "Part One" Steve Payne Darkvalley

11th January, 1923 - Weimar Republic Collapses "Part Two" Steve Payne Darkvalley 11th January, 1938 - birth of "Arthur Scargill" Steve Payne Coldwar 11th July 1274 - birth of "Robert the Bruce" Steve Payne 10to16
11th June, 1183 - "Henry" the Young King survives Steve Payne 10to16 11th May 1891 - Tsesarevich dies in the "Otsu" incident Steve Payne PreWW1 11th May, 1934 - sad passing of "Blaise Diagne", orginator of the Sword of Freedom Steve Payne Darkvalley
11th May, 1941 - "Dungavel House" talks collapse Steve Payne WW2 12 October 1537 - Birth of "Edward VI" of England Steve Payne 10to16 12th August, 1982 - "Big 3" triple debt default starts in Mexico Steve Payne Coldwar
12th December, 1939: earlier "Battle of France" begins Steve Payne WW2 12th January, 2076 - "Jack London" remembered Steve Payne FanFic 12th July, 2006 - Britain joins the "Euro" Steve Payne Postcoldwar

12th June, 1418 - "John the Fearless" claims the French Crown Steve Payne 10to16 12th May 1976 - "Nixon" proven right Steve Payne Coldwar 12th of Sh'vat, 2776 - Saul abandons the conquest of "Canaan" Steve Payne PreChrist
13 April 1657 - "God's providence" saves the Commonwealth Steve Payne 10to16 13th April, 1501 - birth of Good Queen "Anne" Steve Payne 10to16 13th August, 1969 - Red Square Parade for "Apollo 11" Heroes Steve Payne Coldwar
13th February, 1755 - "Benedict Arnold" Boards the Canterbury Steve Payne 18th 13th June 1944 - "V1" Terror bombing of London begins Steve Payne WW2 13th June, 1994 - A grisly discovery in "Brentwood", Los Angeles Steve Payne Postcoldwar
13th October 1812 - American forces triumph at "Queenston Heights" Steve Payne PreWW1 13th September, 1953 - "Nikita Khrushchev " appointed General Secretary Steve Payne Coldwar 15 October 1918 - Corporal "Hitler"'s War ends early Steve Payne WW1

15th December, 1963: "Nixon" Commission announced Steve Payne Coldwar 15th February, 1819 - "Abraham Lincoln" boards the Fisgard Steve Payne PreWW1 15th January, 1861: Corwin Amendment passes on eve of USCW Steve Payne USCW
15th June, 2015 - "Golden Dawn" wins Snap Election Steve Payne Postcoldwar 15th November, 1977 - Operation "Journeyman" sets sail Steve Payne Coldwar 15th November, 1985 - nuclear disaster at "Juragua Nuclear Power Plant" in Cuba Steve Payne Coldwar
15th October, 1066 - Witenagemot proclaims "Edgar the Ætheling" King of England Steve Payne 10to16 15th September, 1940 - Failure of "Operation Pike" Steve Payne WW2 15th September, 1940 - Germany "win" the "Battle of Britain" Steve Payne WW2
16 July 1546 - English "Protestantism" dies in its cradle Steve Payne 10to16 16 June 1487 - Glorious Yorkist Victory at "Stoke Field" Steve Payne 10to16 161 - "Antoninus Pius", Roman Emperor passes away Steve Payne 0to10th

16th February, 2005 - "Kyoto Protocol" cames into force Steve Payne Postcoldwar 16th February, 2016 - death of President "Scalia" Steve Payne Coldwar 16th January, 1942 - "Great Los Angeles Air" Raid approved Steve Payne WW2
16th July 1936 - mysterious death of "Edward VIII" Steve Payne DarkValley 16th July, 1945 - Sergeant "Simon Eden" found alive Steve Payne WW2 16th March, 1981 - Gauleiter of Belfast orders the execution of "Bobby Sands" Steve Payne Coldwar
16th May 1944 - clerical errors leave "Ike" on the brink Steve Payne WW2 16th May, 1916: "Sykes-Picot" Agreement Steve Payne WW1 16th October 1909 - the double tragedy in "El Paso" Steve Payne PreWW1
17-18th July, 1948 - State Funeral for President "Pershing" Steve Payne Darkvalley 17th February 1791 - "Third Fleet" prepares to sail to Australia Steve Payne 18th 17th June, 1812 - "Great Britain" addresses American grievances Steve Payne PreWW1

17th November, 1558 - premature death of "Bloody Mary" Steve Payne 10to16 17th October 1909 - President "Sherman"'s Troubles Steve Payne PreWW1 18 February 2001 - The Intimidator "Dale Earnhardt " survives 2001 Daytona 500 Steve Payne Postcoldwar
18th August, 1830 - birth of Kaiser "Franz Josef", Emperor of the Germans Steve Payne PreWW1 18th February 1546 - death of Pope "Martin" VI Steve Payne 10to16 18th September, 1948 - Civil War breaks out in "Hyderabad" Steve Payne Coldwar
18th US President "Henry B. Anthony" Steve Payne USCW 18th, October 1831 - Birth of "Frederick III", German Empero Steve Payne PreWW1 18th, September 2014 - "Yes Scotland" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
19 May 1649 - Commonwealth of "England" declared Steve Payne 17th 19th April, 1903 - birth of American Prohibition agent "Eliot Ness" Steve Payne Darkvalley 19th January, 1916 - "John Kipling" found alive Steve Payne WW1

19th January, 1919 - John Kipling speaks up for "Tommy Atkins" Steve Payne Darkvalley 19th June, 1566 - birth of Good Queen "Jacobina" Steve Payne 10to16 19th May, 1780 - Puritan New England's "Dark Day" ends the AmRev Steve Payne AmRev
19th October, 1533 - Clement VII denounces the "Anti-pope" Thomas Cranmer Steve Payne 10to16 19th September, 1959 - Nikita Khrushchev visits "Disneyland" Steve Payne Coldwar 19th September, 1967 - "Brian Epstein" survives to lead the Beatles for six more years Steve Payne Coldwar
19th, November 1961 - JFK authorises "first-strike" Steve Payne Coldwar 1st December, 1948 - time traveller "Carl Thomson" found dead Steve Payne ASB 1st January, 2015 - sad passing of "Hamlet on the Hudson" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
1st July, 1942 - "Noel Irwin" catches malaria Steve Payne WW2 1st July, 1986 - OAS suspends Republic of "Quebec" Steve Payne Coldwar 1st July,1940 - signing of "Anglo-German non-belligerence treaty" Steve Payne WW2

1st June, 1831 - birth of "John Bell Hood" Steve Payne USCW 1st June, 1940 - "Winston" Resigns Steve Payne WW2 1st May, 1896 - "General Mark Wayne Clark" born Steve Payne WW2
1st November, 1958 - "Bapu" passes away a decade later Steve Payne Coldwar 1st November, 2015 - "Halloween" Aftermath Steve Payne ASB 1st October, 1979 - sudden death of the "Georgia Giant" Steve Payne Coldwar
1st President of California "John Frémont" Steve Payne USCW 1st September, 1975 - funeral of Cuban Strongman "Jorge De Valera" Steve Payne Coldwar 1st September, AD27 - Restoration of the "Gerasene demoniac" Steve Payne 0to10th
20 March 1811 - Birth of "the Eaglet" Steve Payne NapWar 2010 "Polish Aircraft" Crash Mystery Steve Payne Postcoldwar 20th January, 2017 - President "Bernie Sanders" sworn-in Steve Payne Postcoldwar

20th January, AD56 - "Saint Phoebe" leaves for Jerusalem Steve Payne 0to10th 20th June 1936 - King "Edward VIII" Found Dead Steve Payne Darkvalley 20th March, 1941: The "Fuhrer"'s Last Speedball Steve Payne WW2
20th May, 1992: "Dubya"'s Decision Point Steve Payne Postcoldwar 20th September, 1948 - passing of "Sir Cyril Radcliffe" Steve Payne Coldwar 21 July, 1969 - "Nixon"'s treason exposed Steve Payne Coldwar
21st April, 1948 - birth of President "Gary A. Condit" Steve Payne Postcoldwar 21st August 1858 - birth of ill-fated Crown Prince "Rudolf Habsburg" Steve Payne PreWW1 21st December, 48 AD - Paul is stoned to death in "Lystra" Steve Payne 0to10th
21st February, 1938 - "Eden"'s last stand averts war Steve Payne WW2 21st March 1919 - "Hungarian Soviet Republic" established Steve Payne Darkvalley 21st President of the United States "Chester A. Arthur" Steve Payne PreWW1

21st September, 1872 - Dutch-Ottoman War breaks out on "Sumatra" Steve Payne PreWW1 21st September, 1987 - "R.C. Christian" found dead near Georgia Guidestones Steve Payne Coldwar 22 August 1553 - Triple Execution at "Tower Hill" Steve Payne 10to16
22 July, 1981 - "Reagan"'s treason exposed Steve Payne Coldwar 22nd January, 1911 - the butcher of "Tonypandy" finally steps down Steve Payne PreWW1 22nd September, 1940 - Renaming of Petropavlovsk "Part 1" Steve Payne WW2
22nd September, 1940 - Renaming of Petropavlovsk "Part 2" Steve Payne WW2 22nd September, 1975 Sara Jane Moore assassinates U.S. President "Gerald Ford" Steve Payne Coldwar 23 June 1757 - the John Company defeated at "Plassey" Steve Payne 18th
23rd December, 1919 - "Schicklgruber"'s Epiphany Steve Payne FanFic 23rd July, 1955 - death of "Cordell Hull" Steve Payne WW2 23rd March, 2017 - "Boris" Blushes during Trump's first State Visit Steve Payne Postcoldwar

23rd October, 1943 - "Arthur Fielding" found dead Steve Payne WW2 23rd October, 1987 - "Dan Cooper" released from prison Steve Payne Coldwar 23rd, December, 1950 - tragic death of "Johnny Walker" foreshadows fall of Korea Steve Payne Coldwar
24 January 1540 - birth of Cardinal Archbishop "Edmund Campion" Steve Payne 10th16th 24th April, 1296 - "Marco Polo" captured off the Anatolian coast Steve Payne 10to16 24th August, 1955 - birth of President "Huckabee" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
24th December, 2015 - "Boris Johnson" runs for President Steve Payne Postcoldwar 24th July, 1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots forced to abdicate and replaced by her 1-year-old daughter "Jacobina" I Steve Payne 10to16 24th May, 1940 - "Halifax" Resigns Steve Payne WW2
24th May, 1940: Allied Expeditionary Force withdraws into British-owned "Dunkirk" Steve Payne WW2 24th May, 1950 - death of Field Marshal "Wavell" Steve Payne WW2 24th November, 1963 - "Johnson" follows Kennedy in death Steve Payne Coldwar

24th October, 1962 - Secretary Khrushchev announces "Cuban Airlift" Steve Payne Coldwar 25 October, 1983 - US invasion of "Grenada" Steve Payne Coldwar 25th April, 2015 - a long century of "recovery" closes Steve Payne Darkvalley
25th August, 1939 - Poles walk away from "Anglo-Polish" military alliance Steve Payne WW2 25th June 1940 - Signing of the "Hess-Halifax" Pact Steve Payne WW2 25th October, 1760 - "George III" becomes King of Great Britain Steve Payne AmRev
25th October, 1924 - "Zinoviev Letter": Hoax Exposed Steve Payne Darkvalley 25th September 1066 - Orre's Storm carries the day at "Stamford Bridge" Steve Payne 10to16 25th, July 1947 - "Taft" launches his ill-fated campaign Steve Payne Coldwar
26th August, 1483 - "Bohun inheritance" restored to the Duke of Buckingham Steve Payne 10to16 26th March, 1962: The "Rat Pack" Murder: Old Blue Eyes sees Red Steve Payne Coldwar 26th May, 1907 - birth of Admiral "Morrison" Steve Payne Coldwar

26th May, 1964 - "Joe Nehru" passes away Steve Payne WW2 26th November, 1963 - sad death of "Agent Bolden" Steve Payne Coldwar 26th November, 1971 - "D.B. Cooper" found dead Steve Payne Coldwar
26th President of the United States "Arthur Sewall" Steve Payne PreWW1 26th September, 1915 - Triumph of the "Cilicia Landings" Steve Payne WW1 26th, October 1918 - "Ludendorff" dismissed by the Kaiser Steve Payne WW1
27th April, 1822 - birth of the Galena Tanner "Ulysses S. Grant" Steve Payne USCW 27th January, 1965: The subdued affair that was the funeral of the Old Lion "Winston Churchill" Steve Payne Coldwar 27th June, 2007 - "Mr Blair" resigns Steve Payne Postcoldwar
27th October, 1553 - Unitarian martyr "Michael Servetus" burned at the stake Steve Payne 10to16 27th October, 1947 - Maharaja Maharaja "Hari Singh" flees Kashmir and Jammu Steve Payne Coldwar 27th October, 1962 - "B-59" launches a nuclear torpedo Steve Payne WW2

27th US President "John Hay" Steve Payne PreWW1 2874 - "David" takes Saul's Life in the Cave Steve Payne PreChrist 28th April, 1789 - Mutiny fails on the "Bounty" Steve Payne 18th
28th June, 1942 - "Fall Blue" begins Steve Payne WW2 28th October 1943 - the "Philadelphia Experiment" Steve Payne WW2 28th October, 1962 - Cuban Missiles Crisis turns "hot" Steve Payne Coldwar
28th September, 1970 - Death of "Gamal Abdel Nasser" Steve Payne Coldwar 29 September 1509 - birth of "Michael Servetus" Steve Payne 10to16 29th April 1945 - "Il Duce" Executed Steve Payne WW2
29th April,1980 - George Giant fires "Brzezinski" Steve Payne Coldwar 29th August, 1914 - July 1914 World Crisis "restarted" Steve Payne WW1 29th December, 1961 - "India" Joins the Soviet Bloc after Goa misadventure Steve Payne Darkvalley

29th July, 1929 - birth of "Jackie Bouvier" Steve Payne Coldwar 29th June, 1852 - death of President "Clay" Steve Payne USCW 29th March, 1548 - birth of "Lord Fairfax" Steve Payne 10to16
29th October, 1979 - "President Mondale" denies visa to the Shah Steve Payne Coldwar 29th September, 1725 - Birth of "Robert Clive" Steve Payne 18th 29th September, 1851 - "Hiram Powers" causes the Virginian Slave Scandal Steve Payne USCW
29th September, 1915 - Tragedy strikes "future King Edward VIII" in Flanders Steve Payne WW1 2nd December, 1993 - death of "Pablo Escobar", notorious Colombian drug Steve Payne Postcoldwar 2nd January, 1864 - Actor named "Booth" saves the life of President Lincoln Steve Payne USCW
2nd January, 1911 - Tragic Death of "Winston Churchill" on Sidney Street Steve Payne PreWW1 2nd January, AD 38 - Trial of "Pontius Pilate" Steve Payne 0to10th 2nd July, 1947: birth of "Senator Jack Carter (D-NV)" Steve Payne Coldwar

2nd June, 1943 - "Voynich Code" Cracked at Bletchley Park Steve Payne ASB 2nd May, 1559: "John Knox" returns from exile Steve Payne 10to16 2nd October, 1425 - Birth of "Richard III", Last King of England Steve Payne 10to16
2nd September, 1862 - "Pope" replaces McClellan in the East Steve Payne USCW 2nd September, 1939 - "Danzig" peacefully reincorporated into Germany Steve Payne WW2 2nd, November 1963 - "Ngo brothers"'s Miraculous escape to North Vietnam Steve Payne Coldwar
30th April 1945 - "Hitler" saved by the bell Steve Payne WW2 30th January, 1889 - Crown Prince "Rudolf" of Austria found dead Steve Payne PreWW1 30th January, 1941 - birth of President "Dick Cheney" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
30th January, 1982 - "Mark Thatcher" found dead Steve Payne Coldwar 30th November 1936 - "Crystal Palace" Fire Steve Payne Darkvalley 30th October, 1968 - "Beverly Oliver" found dead Steve Payne Coldwar

31st December, 1857 - the "Queen"'s Choice of Canadian Capital Steve Payne PreWW1 31st December, 1941: birth of ill-fated General "George Marshall", FDRs scapegoat for the attack on Pearl Harbor Steve Payne WW2 31st January, 1889 - "Karl Ludwig" proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor Steve Payne PreWW1
31st January, 1929 - Soviet Union exiles "Josef Stalin" Steve Payne Darkvalley 31st March, 1949 - "Newfoundland" becomes the 49th State Steve Payne Coldwar 31st October 1931 - birth of "Dan Rather" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
31st October, 1922 "Halloween" ushers in a terrible chapter of Europes bloody history Steve Payne Darkvalley 31st October, 1931 - three dead spirits make "Halloween" 1931 a very special occassion Steve Payne ASB 330 BC - "Alexander" steals the Flower of Youth Steve Payne PreChrist
33rd President of the United States "Henry A. Wallace" Steve Payne WW2 35th Governor of Virgina: "Robert E. Lee" Steve Payne USCW 39th Parallel "Part 2": Capitulation of Cahuenga enlarges troubled Union Steve Payne USCW

39th Parallel "Part 1": Wilmot Proviso leads to war Steve Payne USCW 39th Parallel "Part 3": Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Steve Payne PreWW1 3rd April, 2015 - the Secret "Nuclear Pillar" Policy of President McCain Steve Payne Postcoldwar
3rd August, 1980 - The "Gipper" goes out on a high Steve Payne Coldwar 3rd January, 1888 - "Jack the Ripper" saves the infant British Republic Steve Payne PreWW1 3rd June, 1861 - triumph of "Cotton diplomacy" Steve Payne USCW
3rd November, 1534 - English Parliament passes the "Act of Supremacy" Steve Payne 10to16 3rd of Tishrei, 3794 - "Jesus" Recognised as the Messiah by Jews Steve Payne 0to10th 43rd President of the United States "Newt Gingrich" Steve Payne Postcoldwar
4th April 1974 - Announcement of "the Octagon" Steve Payne Coldwar 4th December, 2014 - passing of "Jeremy Thorpe" Steve Payne Postcoldwar 4th January, 1971 - death of "Honest Cop" Frank Serpico Steve Payne Coldwar

4th June, 1940 - Disaster at "Dunkirk" Steve Payne WW2 4th June, 1940 - England "capitulates" with a whimper Steve Payne 4th June,1940 - "Churchill" becomes Viceroy Steve Payne WW2
4th June,1940 - "David Lloyd-George" joins new National Government Steve Payne WW2 4th November, 1501 - Arthur "Tudor" meets Catherine of Aragon Steve Payne 10to16 4th of Tishrei, 3806 - "Simon Peter" Recognised by Caesar Steve Payne 0to10th
4th September 1455 - "Henry Stafford" born Steve Payne 10to16 4th, November 1956 - "Suez" Crisis escalates Steve Payne Coldwar 5 August 1730 - the "Crown Prince" flees from Mannheim Steve Payne 18th
54th United States Secretary of State "J. William Fulbright" Steve Payne Coldwar 5th July, 1902 - birth of VP "Cabot Lodge" Steve Payne Coldwar 5th June, 1968 - Shots ring out at the "Ambassador Hotel" Steve Payne Coldwar

5th March, 1229 - Benedictine order salts the grounds of the "Podlažice" monastery Steve Payne 10to16 5th November, 1958 - "Muhammad Ali Jinnah" passes away a decade later Steve Payne Coldwar 6th April, 2009 - "Quebec" on Fire Steve Payne Postcoldwar
6th August, 1945 - Soviets brought into "Operation Downfall" Steve Payne WW2 6th December, 1957 - Launch of Vanguard "TV3" Steve Payne Coldwar 6th January, 1864 - the tragedy in "Jersey City" Steve Payne USCW
6th June, 1968 - Good Samaritan Hospital release "Mr Kennedy" Steve Payne Coldwar 6th March, 1857 - 1857 - "Dred Scott v. Sandford" ruling saves the Union Steve Payne USCW 6th, November 1913 - "Mohandas Gandhi" is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa Steve Payne PreWW1
7th February, 1937 - Herr Hitler's Visit to "Paris" is announced Steve Payne Darkvalley 7th January, 2015 - Dail Eireann rejects "Anglo-Irish" Treaty Steve Payne Darkvalley 7th September, 1963 - "Sinatra" headlines in the Hilton Casino, Havana Steve Payne Coldwar

8th August, 1974 - "Nixon" forced out Steve Payne Coldwar 8th February, 1940 - "Herr Hitler"'s Visit to New York Steve Payne Darkvalley 8th February, 1968 - "Harold Holt" found alive Steve Payne Coldwar
8th July, 1947 - "Cyril Radcliffe" arrives in India Steve Payne Coldwar 8th July, 1992 - "Kinnock" under Fire Steve Payne Postcoldwar 8th June, 1558 - England keeps the "Pale de Calais" Steve Payne 10to16
8th November, 2000 - "Andrew Jackson" turns in his grave Steve Payne Postcoldwar 8th of Tishrei, 3806 - Jesus frightening vision of "Paradise" Steve Payne 0to10th 8th September, 1761 - "George III" falls under the sway of the Whigs Steve Payne 18th
8th September, 1937 - "Hoover's"'s Mafia Crackdown Steve Payne Darkvalley 8th, December 1899 - "Tesla" discovers Black Knight Steve Payne ASB 8th, July 1982 - "Saddam" assassinated in Dujail Steve Payne Coldwar

9/11: Flight 93 crashes into "Fed Reserve" Steve Payne Postcoldwar 9th April, 1859 - "Sam Clemens" rejoins the Keokuk Daily Post Steve Payne PreWW1 9th December, 1980 - death of "Yoko Ono" Steve Payne FanFic
9th February, 1980 - FAA takes delivery of ten Avro "Vulcans" Steve Payne Coldwar 9th March, 1890 - birth of "Vyacheslav Molotov" Steve Payne Darkvalley 9th May, 1940 - "Roosevelt" steps aside Steve Payne WW2
9th May, 1961: " Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar" restored to power Steve Payne Coldwar 9th November 1962 - Kennedy and Khrushchev sign "Treaty of Rome" Steve Payne Coldwar 9th September, 1917 - Breakthrough on Western Front, No Passchendaele, earlier Cambrai instead Steve Payne WW1
9th Texan President "William Barret Travis" on Fort Sumter Siege Steve Payne USCW 9th, July 1982 - POTUS Laxalt reaches out to former Governor "Reagan" Steve Payne Coldwar "Tempus Fugit" Steve Payne ASB

"Back to Life" Steve Payne ASB "Macau" - asian tiger Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Voynich Manuscript" - Breakthrough in Zurich Steve Payne ASB
"Australian Republic" 1999 Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Bill Hobby" 30th Texan President Steve Payne Coldwar "Walter F. Mondale" 41st US President. Steve Payne Postcoldwar
"Davy Crockett" 9th US President Steve Payne PreWW1 "George Nathaniel Curzon" A Knight of Quixotic Chivalry Steve Payne Darkvalley "Thomas Jefferson" abolishes slavery Steve Payne Postcoldwar
"Celtic links" across the ocean Steve Payne Coldwar "Chesapeake-Leopard" Affair leads to war Steve Payne PreWW1 "Union Dissolved" after a brief War of Independence Steve Payne AmRev

"No More Amateurs" Amendment Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Congressional Apportionment" Amendment passes Steve Payne 18th "Alexander Galt" announces the dream of Canada Steve Payne PreWW1
"John Adams" appointed American Minister to France Steve Payne AmRev "John Adams" appointed US Secretary of State Steve Payne 18th "John Adams" appointed US Secretary of State Steve Payne 18th
"Chosin Few" are killed Steve Payne Coldwar "Drastic measures" are taken to end the Global War on Terror. Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Tzipi Livni" arrested for war crimes in UK, PM Avigdor Lieberman reacts Steve Payne Postcoldwar
"Taiwan" as Okinawa Steve Payne Coldwar "Mark" as Paul: The Lifting of the Curse of Ham Steve Payne 0to10th "Moscow" as Stalingrad Steve Payne WW2

"al-Assad" assassinated in a Bin Laden-style dawn strike Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Nader Shah" Assassinated in Delhi Steve Payne 18th "Mashed Up" at Monticello Steve Payne AmRev
"Carthaginian Council" backs the assault on Rome Steve Payne PreChrist "Irvine Lenroot" becomes President after the death of Warren G. Harding Steve Payne Darkvalley "Hagerstown" becomes State Capital of West Maryland Steve Payne USCW
"Sir Nelson Mandela" becomes the first indigenous Governor of Cape Colony. Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Luddites" begin to settle Oregon Steve Payne PreWW1 "German-American War" Begins in Pacific Steve Payne PreWW1
"World Revolution" begins to spread Steve Payne Coldwar "Berlin Airlift" Begins World War III REBOOT Steve Payne Coldwar "Cambridge Project" Betrayed Steve Payne WW2

"WikiLeaks" blows the ultimate whistle Steve Payne Postcoldwar "James Bond" blows up Hitler's Crystal Palace Steve Payne WW2 "American Napoleon" born in New Orleans Steve Payne NapWar
"Broken Promises" bring Europe to the brink of war Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Comrade Hitler" brutalized by the Kapp Putsch Steve Payne Darkvalley "Peter the Great" captured by the Ottomans Steve Payne 18th
"Che Guevara" captured in Bolivia Steve Payne Coldwar "Gao Xianzhi" captures Central Asia Steve Payne 0to10th "Boris Godunov" Caught as Anti-Ivanovich Conspiracy Foiled Steve Payne 10to16
"Wrong Turn" causes Williamite Revolution to fail Steve Payne 17th "Conradin and Frederick of Baden" celebrate victory at Tagliacozzo Steve Payne 10to16 "Huey P. Long" challenges FDR in 1936. Steve Payne Darkvalley

"John and Woz" change the world Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Leslie Groves" Chief of Engineers Steve Payne WW2 "Diocletian" chosen as Roman Emperor. Steve Payne 0to10th
"Friendship 7" crash-lands in Kazakstan Steve Payne Coldwar "Prague Spring" Crisis Widens Steve Payne Coldwar "Napoleon Bonaparte" Crowned Holy Roman Emperor Steve Payne NapWar
"24th" December, 1943 - Bernard Montgomery Chosen As Supreme Allied Commander Steve Payne WW2 "MacArthur" Declares Himself Filipino Dictator Steve Payne WW2 "Cameron" declares State of National Emergency over Brexit Steve Payne ASB
"Federal Government" Defaults Steve Payne ASB "Meriwether Lewis" Defeats Muggers, Redux Steve Payne PreWW1 "USS Ron Paul" destroyed by Chinese Navy Steve Payne Postcoldwar

"Dystopian Valkyrie" destroys sacred Germany Steve Payne WW2 "Aaron Burr" dies at Weehawken Steve Payne PreWW1 "Richard Nixon" dies before pardon Steve Payne Coldwar
"Otto von Bismarck" dies earlier Steve Payne PreWW1 "Lenin" dies in 1917 Steve Payne Darkvalley "Hamilton" dismissed from Washington's Staff Steve Payne AmRev
"Stanislav Petrov" doesn't push the Red Button in time to save the Soviet Union Steve Payne Coldwar "Jim Bowie" elected President of Texas Steve Payne PreWW1 "D.H. Lawrence" encourages E.M. Forster to publish Maurice Steve Payne FanFic
"Tudor B*stards" end the English Succession Crisis Steve Payne 10to16 "Crusade of Nicopolis" ends in Triumph Steve Payne 10to16 "Treaty of Cahuenga" ends the Mexican-American War in Alta California Steve Payne PreWW1

"Pennsylvania Line Mutiny" ends the Revolt Steve Payne AmRev "Sega" Enterprises Ltd. v. Accolade, Inc. Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Smuts" enters Constantinople Steve Payne WW1
"Hypatia" escapes the angry mob Steve Payne 0to10th "Troy" Eternal Steve Payne PreChrist "Willie McBride" executed during Christmas Truce Steve Payne WW1
"Operation Anthropoid" Fails Steve Payne WW2 "Wilhelm Hohenzollern" fails to usurp the Austrian-led Empire of the Germans Steve Payne PreWW1 "Winger Hussars" failure secures Swedish Victory at Kircholm Steve Payne 17th
"Macbeth" falls in the tragedy at Bothganowan Steve Payne 10to16 "Constantinople" Falls to the Avars Steve Payne 0to10th "John Hunyadi" falls: Doom bell rings for Western Europe Steve Payne 10to16

"Blue Collar" fightback Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Miller Time" finally ends in 1992 Steve Payne FanFic "Tricky Dicky" finally released from prison Steve Payne Coldwar
"Prince Rilian" finally rips off the mask Steve Payne Coldwar "Henry V" first dual King of England and France Steve Payne 10to16 "Walter Bagehot" fixes the US Constitution before the USCW can break out. Steve Payne Postcoldwar
"Magister Militum" Flavius Stilicho Lives Steve Payne 0to10th "Hitler" flees to Neutral Italy Steve Payne WW2 "Hitler" follows Roosevelt in death Steve Payne WW2
"Newfies" for Gore: Newfoundland joins the Union Steve Payne Coldwar "Romney Group" formed on donor conference call Steve Payne Postcoldwar "PT-109" Found, U.S. Navy Confirms Steve Payne WW2

"Imperial Japanese Army" free Japanese Americans Steve Payne WW2 "Hitler flees" from Central Europe and is met by an old friend in Barcelona. Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Kurdistan" gains her independence.. sort of Steve Payne WW1
"Greater Virginia" gains Ohio Valley territory Steve Payne AmRev "Slick Willy" gets his man, but it costs him his own life. Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Arrest of Jesus" goes disastrously wrong Steve Payne 0to10th
"John A. Macdonald" goes to University Steve Payne PreWW1 "John A. Macdonald" goes to University Steve Payne PreWW1 "Little Ben" Harrison stops the US annexation of Philippines in his second term Steve Payne PreWW1
"Woodrow Wilson" has his grand vision of the multi-national European state Steve Payne WW1 "Dev" has his Vision of Mathematics Steve Payne PreWW1 "Dev" has his Vision of Mathematics Steve Payne PreWW1

"Lindbergh" helps Roosevelt prepare America for War Steve Payne Darkvalley "Spanish Flu" hits four years early Steve Payne WW1 "Corregidor" holds out Steve Payne WW2
"Alaska" Ice Crystal of the British Empire Steve Payne PreWW1 "VP Jefferson" Impeached over Kentucky Resolutions Steve Payne AmRev "Holy War" in the Horn of Africa Steve Payne 0to10th
"Martyrs' Day" in the Panama Canal Zone Steve Payne Coldwar "Jim Bowie" inaugurated President of Texas Steve Payne PreWW1 "Gulf of Tonkin" incident rocks the Kennedy White House Steve Payne Coldwar
"DoJ" initiates United States v. Microsoft Corp Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Lewis and Clark Expedition" intercepted by Spanish Agents Steve Payne PreWW1 "James M. Stewart" International Airport Steve Payne Postcoldwar

"Veteran's" International Airport Steve Payne Coldwar "Unhappy Hitler Artist" involved in the Plot Against Germany Steve Payne Darkvalley "Crank Film Director Hitler" involved in the Plot Against Germany Steve Payne Darkvalley
"Eugene Genovese" is fired by Rutgers University Steve Payne Coldwar "Second Amendment" is repealed Steve Payne 18th "Treaty of Greenwich" is signed Steve Payne 10to16
"Kentucky" is torn apart Steve Payne USCW "Ukraine and Georgia" join NATO Steve Payne Postcoldwar "Basil II" killed at the Battle of the Gates of Trajan Steve Payne 0to10th
"Puritan Minister John Adams" killed at the Incident on King Street Steve Payne AmRev "Remus" kills his brother Romulus Steve Payne PreChrist "Old Fuss & Feathers" laid low by Mexican War Steve Payne Postcoldwar

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