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February 3

On this day the European Council and Parliament erupted in arguments over the European Union President's order to send the Eurocorps on a "peacekeeping" mission to Greece to enforce the various orders of the European Court of Justice.

Series II of Greece Starts The Rot: Greece Under Fire Part 11Germany was the main mover, behind the scenes, in forcing support for EU President Jean-Claude Juncker from the majority of Council and Parliamentary members. Similarly Luxembourg did whatever it could to also ensure support for the "peacekeeping" intervention in Greece.

When the Greece ambassador to the European Council constantly objected to the situation, Alexandra Papadopoulou was declared to be out of order. Then, to add insult to injury, the German Ambassador Reinhard Silberberg demanded that, given the circumstances, Greek representation at the European Council should be suspended until further notice. Needless to say this controversial demand started more heated arguments, but in the end numbers told.

A clearly angry Papadopoulou said to waiting media, after being expelled from the meeting, "A great crime is being committed as we speak. Germany and its allies have torn the European Union apart today".

"Mark my words. Blood will now flow. The EU is finished".

Similar scenes were also unfolding at the European Parliament in Strasbourg where again the debate soon shifted from what Juncker was doing, with his Greek "peacekeeping" mission, to the suspension of the Greek representatives in the European Parliament.

Commentators were quick to pick up the coincidence, considering German representatives where behind the motion, and believed it to be anything but a coincidence given what was happening at the European Council meeting in Brussels.

After a lot of heated debate, with various allegations flying back and forth between MEP's, the German motion was successful by 504 to 247 votes.

Yet the Greek MEPs refused to leave quietly and parliamentary security personnel had to physically carry the protesting Greeks, regardless of their party afflation, out of the chamber much to the embarrassment of everyone involved.

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, said he was outraged by the events on display. "This is a very dark day for Europe".

"I thought that the Nazis had been eradicated, but the events in Brussels and Strasbourg today proved otherwise".

Tsipras went on to add "We did not seek conflict. But we will not be a colony of Germany or Juncker".

"If those Eurocorps troops trespass onto sovereign Greek territory, Greece will have no other option but to consider the EU's actions as an act of war".

There was no comment from German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Juncker on Greece being suspended from the European Council and Parliament.