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February 4

On this day speculation over the Caliph of the Islamic Caliphate State of Australia reached a climax as unprecedented open criticism commenced in the media.

Australian Caliphate Leadership WoesCurrent Caliph, Andoni el Mohammed bin Abbott, has had to face mounting public pressure of late over a number of blunders where bin Abbott has personally intervened or blame has been attributed to him.

Amongst these troubles has been the declining government support for health services amongst rising medical costs, a similar situation has been occurring in education, whilst new anti-terrorist laws have been criticised as going too far.

Caliph bin Abbott, however, has rejected such criticism with hollow replies such as "we are moving in the right direction".

Caliph government ministers have called upon their fellow members to support bin Abbott and not to make the same mistake as "the decadent Western infidels" as stated by the Minister for Education Krist ūfar el Humood bin Pyne.

The Caliph Foreign Minister Jalil el Bishop ruled out directly challenging bin Abbott for the leadership but has reserved the right to put up his hand if someone else moved to force him to declare the position vacant and hold a ballot.

Queensland MP Malik el Māwiyya bin Entsch told Fairfax Media on Tuesday night that he supported a party room ballot as soon as next week when parliament sits for the first time in 2015.

"The leadership needs to be resolved," he said.

"The focus has got to go back to dealing with our many challenges. I'm not discouraging them from expressing a point of view. It needs to be resolved. And I suspect it will be, one or way another".