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February 3

On this day rallies in Glasgow got out of hand as the countdown to the British national election ticked down to Election Day.

Series II of Scotland Under Fire - Fire Under Scotland Part 13What started as a peaceful show of support for the Scottish National Party, at a lunchtime rally in the middle of Glasgow, slowly deteriorated as numerous pro-Union supporters broke away from their neighbouring rally to interject with the SNP speakers.

After showing much tolerance SNP supporters started to shout back demanding the pro-Union supporters to leave. Regardless of calls from the stage for civil behaviour, punches were soon thrown as tempers got out of hand. Police, who at first held back, were forced to intervene, but the pro-Union protesters outnumbered them and soon the police were calling for reinforcements as several police officers were overpowered and thrown onto the ground.

Once it appeared that the police were losing the battle for control, many of the SNP supporters who had stayed out of the fray, now attacked the pro-Union protestors. Police reinforcements arrived to witness the peculiar scene where SNP supporters where helping their fellow police officers in battling the pro-Union protestors for control. As the riot police now entered the street battle, the pro-Union mob of protestors began to flee the area whilst the survivors of the street battle, both civilian and police, attended to their wounded.

Although no particular political party was responsible for the pro-Union rally and following riot, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon nonetheless blasted both the Labour and Conservative Parties for stirring up fears and turmoil just for electioneering. "When you play upon people's fears with unfounded arguments, especially in the immediate aftermath of the Scotland Emergency, then irrational and unacceptable behaviour follows as we saw in Glasgow earlier today," Sturgeon said.

"It's clear that the bag of dirty tricks is being used to the full. And although tomorrow's national election may somewhat refect upon this, I sense that the following Scottish election is going to be a battle between the scaremongers and those seeking a right and prosperous Scotland," declared the First Minister.

Labour leader Ed Miliband meanwhile, whilst condemning the riot, placed the blame solely on the SNP. "The SNP leadership must understand that a democratic referendum was held which voted for Union and not for independence".

"But now Alex Salmond is calling for the election to be a national referendum about Scottish independence irrespective of the referendum result not more than five months ago.

"I am not surprised in the least that this has caused people's tempers and frustrations to burst into what we witnessed in Glasgow," said Mr Miliband.

"A vote for the SNP will be a vote for anarchy," warned the Caretaker Prime Minister.

Yet it was not surprising that Miliband attacked the SNP, as he did, as the latest opinion polls put the SNP on a huge winning streak in Scotland. Most polls said that the SNP could win around 50 seats at Westminster, which reflected the opinion poll results at the beginning of the election campaign. Whether the Glasgow riots would have any impact upon such a massive win for the SNP would soon be known in the next few days.