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February 2

Owen Tudor led the Lancastrian forces to victory at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross against Edward, Earl of March.

Rise of the Welsh AscendencyDespite being descended from a daughter of the Welsh prince Rhys ap Gruffudd, he entered the service of Queen Katherine of Valois as an obscure Welsh squire. After the death of her husband Henry V of England he rose in influence and became her major-domo, officially titled the keeper of the Queen's wardrobe. From this intimacy they became lovers and later married, even though Parliament had passed a resolution forbidding dowager queens to remarry without the king's permission.

And so they lived together at Wallingford Castle with with her infant son, the future King Henry VI. And he made Owen a Knight Banneret so that he could command the royal forces at Mortimer's Cross. Problem was, the monarch suffered from bouts of insanity and after the tragic death of his wife Margaret of Anjou, Owen had ruled the Kingdom in his place. By following this crooked path to the throne he had founded England's Tudor dynasty.