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June 30

A column of bluish light, nearly as bright as the Sun, was seen moving across the sky at the international observatory in the Aryan Capital City of Arkaim. Built in a series of circumferences with a common centre, the Swastika City had been established in the Southern Urals steppe in order to track eighteen types of astronomical events such as sun-sets and sun-rises on the days of equinox and solstice. But this terrifying incident was quite different, it was an anomaly caused with malicious intent by sentient beings.

Aryans track their last astronomical eventIt was the unexpected arrival of an artificial celestial body that caused a gigantic explosion above the earth some two thousand kilometres to the north-west on the Podkamennaya Tunguska River. Although nobody was killed outright by the blast approximately eighty million trees were knocked down in a Swastika-shaped area of land covering two thousand one hundred and fifty square kilometres.

Progress was also tracked by humans from the other international observatory on the same latitude - the Briton's Stonehenge - where the midsummer night sky was even lighter than usual. And across the globe, humanity braced itself for the return of the cruel alien ancestors that had originally put mankind on the road to technological evolution all those long millennia before. Or perhaps something worse, their masters having called time upon them.