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December 11

"I am certain through him permanent friendly relations could have been achieved. If he had stayed, everything would have been different. His abdication was a severe loss for us" ~ Adolf Hitler

12th December, 1939: earlier Battle of France begins even before British forces arrivein 1939, on this day in alternate history mobile German forces smashed through the Ardennes Forest.

The three month Phoney War was over and the Battle of France had begun in earnest even before the promised British divisions had arrived. The authorities in Paris would blame perfidious albion but in fact having not had a French-style revolution the British Government was locked in a crisis in which centuries old, unwritten rules were being used by the King and his ministers for their separate ends. As with his earlier comment to the unemployed welsh coal-miners, the King believed "somethat had to be done" and whilst he could not act directly, he certainly could torment a lot of dissent on the Tory back-benches when he needed to.
summer of scandal this move by the Prime Minister had allowed his coronation three years earlier in exchange for a morganatic marriage to Wallis Simpson. Ironically, Winston Churchill's Kings Party had fought for this cause only to realise that the monarch was to become the chief appeasement architects.

using this moment of uncertainty the Germans had been careful to avoid antagonising the British by invading the Netherlands, and ultimately, the victor powers of the Great War could do nothing to prevent the conquest of Poland anyway.

Author's Note: in reality he had abdicated three years earlier.