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February 21

In 1639, on this day the decades-long "War of the Crosses" took the oddest of turns with the bizarre nature of the fall of the great Tudor city of Newcastle.

Essex Rebellion #2, Reboot co-written with Richard RoperAfter the Scots crossed the border, King Robert II had appointed his first choice military commander Oliver Cromwell. Astonishingly, the iconic Monarchist General had opened the city gates to the pretender to the English throne King Charles of Scotland. And then ordered his men to sign the Covenant put forward by the Scottish Presbyterian Church.

In the following months, Cromwell would force the Stuart accession and then the abolition of the English bishopric. A glittering military career would follow in which he would aid the King's nephew, Prince Rupert of the Rhine in defending the Calvinistic Palatinate and intervening in the Thirty Years War. This post is a reversal of Robbie Taylor's King Robert article and continues the Tudor B*stards thread.