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February 4

In 1945, on this day the Yalta Conference opened at the Livadia Palace in the Crimea with Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin representing the "Big Three".

Yalta Conferences creates a Soviet Prussian StateThe outcome included the highly controversial decision to create a contiguous Soviet Occupation Zone with an undivided Berlin as its capital.

The source of bitter controversy, it was however based upon sound, reasoned logic. Because the truth was that the Soviet Union had steadfastly refused to offer sufficiently firm guarantees to maintain a Western garrison. But instead of gaining this "Achilles Heel", the Western Allies had wrung some important concessions; the retention of Saxony and the Thuringia; the scrapping of plans to grant the lands east of the Oder and Neisse rivers to Poland and the absorption of northern East Prussia into the Soviet Union.
This blog is a reboot of an article with the Berlin Airlift Begins World War III.