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February 8

By 1601, Tudor England stood on the cusp of dissolution, but the insidious forces of commercialism that had been nurtured by unscrupulous politicians such as the Cecil Family were suppressed at the last by those noblemen of ancient lineage that Queen Elizabeth had unwisely chosen to ignore throughout her long reign.

Tudor B*stards end the English Succession CrisisWith Protestantism restricted to the north-west of Europe the monarch had been advised to remain unmarried thus giving the Catholic Powers false hope of a union with England. Secretary of State William Cecil (pictured) and son Robert orchestrated a sinister plot to yield the throne to James VI of Scotland, the son of Elizabeth's first cousin once removed, Mary Stuart. But a union of the English and Scottish crowns could only occur if Elizabeth's out of wedlock offspring were denied their inheritance.

For fifteen years, the two factions had fought a cat and mouse game to gain ascendancy. But with the Queen in terminal decline, the Earls were compelled into action. They executed a counter-plot that forced the country to decide whether a Tudor B*stard was preferable to a Scottish overlord. It was a decision that had been postponed for too long because of the catastrophic damage it would cause to the reputation of "Good Queen Bess".
This post is a reversal of Robbie Taylor's King Robert article and continues the Tudor B*stards thread.