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January 29

In 1963, despite the very best efforts of young Flight Surgeon Ronald E. Paul, the commander of the XVIII Airborne Corps William Westmoreland expired in Saigon after choking on a chicken bone.

Lunar Liberty Part 2Of course within four years, his more capable successor General Creighton Abrams had delivered an emphatic American victory in Vietnam. And re-elected President Johnson and his successor Hubert Humphrey were fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue non-militaristic adventures.

One of which, the Space Programme greatly excited Surgeon Paul. He dreamt of serving as the first doctor on a manned spaceflight. In the event, Johnson, Humphrey and Paul overachieved, and by the year 2000 Paul was the Chief Medical Officer of the Lunar Colony.

He stayed on after retirement, becoming a libertarian spokesman as the moon's population approached the magic thirteen thousand target required for an application for Statehood recognition.
This post is an article from the Lunar Liberty thread.